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Family restaurant in Toronto with good food where they'll sing my 3 year old Happy Birthday?

Holy long title! Anyone have any ideas? Preferably in the west end...we're in Etobicoke.

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  1. The Old Spaghetti Factory for sure-great food and perfect for the kids bday.

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      Well, I wouldn't say "great food", by my standards. It may be perfect for a 3 year old's birthday, however.

      andrea185, maybe you could provide more details about the kinds of restaurants you like and what you don't like...

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        DH and I are open to pretty much anything, but the kiddo's are the problem...we've got the 3 year old and a 16 month old so we need a kids menu. We're not looking for anywhere fancy...just somewhere we can go for a nice family meal and the little one can have a good memory (for a couple of days anyways! Lol)

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          You might try Ferrarro's on Eglinton west of Avenue. Italian with an emphasis on families. Lots of strollers, high chairs. Not sure if they have a kid's menu, but most people seem to do with the regular. You could also do things like plain no sauce, half portions, etc.

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        Not great by adult standards--I meant it is suitable for children and actually their menu is very kid friendly...plus the fixed menu offers a good 3 course at a decent price. The ambience is pretty cool for a first timer I would say.

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          Yes, you are right about that. I checked out the website, and it would be rather sweet for a three-year-old with the carousel horses, train car, etc. And what three-year-old doesn't like a big old plate of spaghetti and meat sauce?


      3. Here's a recent thread on a new spot in BWV called My Place Canadian Pub. It's getting pretty good reviews and reports seem to indicate that it's family friendly. If you require literal singing you may be out of luck, but if you just want a relaxed spot that can deal with kids this might work.

        There's a also a nice stretch of restaurants around Royal York subway station which are often packed with families and kids. I don't live out that way so I don't have specific recs but perhaps someone who lives in the neighbourhood has more ideas?

        1. what about chuck e cheese, foods not great but kids wont notice and it is kid oriented..

          1. East Side Mario's. Very kid friendly. They will sing. Food is pretty good for a chain. There's one near Sherway Gardens -

            1. The Rainforest Cafe at Yorkdale will thrill your kids. The food most definitely will not thrill you, but on the kids menu they do have some good options for sides such as applesauce or a banana, not just french fries. The ambience is quite memorable, animals everywhere (fake ones, but some move) and a thunderstorm every 30 minutes or something like that. The dessert of choice was called a Volcano (brownie sundae) and the servers weave their way through the restaurant yelling VOLCANO when they bring, I'm sure they would sing HB too!

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                no no no. please no. food is beyond horrendous, and my kids were terrified of the "thunderstorm". avoid at all costs.

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                    My 3 kids love this place and I didn't find it that expensive.

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                    My kids were scared too! And the food was atrocious. I definitely advise against going there.

                1. We have a 3 yr old and 10 mth old, and also live in Etobicoke.

                  We've done Mamma Martino (again, not "great" food, but decent pizza / pastas for the 3 yr old and 16 mth old), and they have also sung for us.

                  Rocco's Plum Tomato (there are a few, but we go to the one at Islington and Norseman) is also kid friendly - highchairs, crayons, colouring books, nice selection of complimentary breads and rolls and better food / selection than Mamma Martino.

                  Lately, we also really enjoy La Veranda Osteria at Royal York and Bloor (old Cru location). Staff were very friendly to our kids, good food and a more grown up setting than the other two places above.

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                    If you are willing to drive up, check out Frankie Tomatto's on Woodbine in Markham. It's an AYCE Italian style buffet....there is something to eat for everyone there...lots of selection. You pay $6.99 for the bday package but you get a great happy birthday singalong from the staff, a balloon, a piece of cake with a candle and the child gets to spin a big wheel and win a prize (everyone wins something). My nephews love it and always want to go there for their birthdays.