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Sep 21, 2009 12:36 PM

In Search of Gougeres

Is there any restaurant in Austin that serves Gougeres? Those small cheesy puff pastries typically served as an amuse bouche.

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  1. Peche, in the former Malaga space on 4th between Lavaca and Colorado, has them on the regular menu. Filled with mushrooms, although I can't remember what kind. They went well with a butter lettuce salad and a sazerac, as I recall.

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    1. re: Averroes in which I refer to Pao de Queijo as "little buttery rolls".

      You'll get a basket the moment you sit down and they keep on bringing them.Much the way Salt Lick brings hot out of the oven loaves to your table all night to keep your meat consumption limited.

    2. ok cool I will have to try at both.

      I see that Peche has completely revamped their menu and is no longer serving just bistro style food.

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        A friend whom I've known to do some valiant eating in the past informs me that the new chef at Peche has his game face on in the kitchen.Homemade bacon and what have you.Haven't been since they brought this new fellow in from Vespaio but they're on my list.

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          Wow very cool. I always liked the Peche atmosphere but wasn't enamored with their food before.

      2. 219 West used to serve them as bar snacks.