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Sep 21, 2009 12:23 PM

Nice dinner, harvard square, tonight

Sorry for short notice, but my wife and I need to be in harvard square this evening to pick up a gift for my son. I can't think of a good place to eat. We will be at 1100 Mass Ave, would prefer to only park once.


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  1. you're an easy walk from both central and harvard squares.

    rendezvous, central kitchen, green st. grill.

    rialto, upstairs on the square, casablanca, harvest.

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        Harvest was very nice. Sat outside in the garden on a balmy fall night. Started with corn soup with pea-tendril "flan" - soup was excellent pureed corn and cream, very rich and delicious, the pea mousse was good, but the cold mouse/warm soup didn't mesh very well for me. MY wife had the lobster salad with cantaloupe soup - perfectly cooked lobster chunks with tender snow peas and micro greens, cantaloupe soup was very mellony and sweet. I had the duck breast with "forbidden rice" - the best duck I have had for some time, light smoky flavor in the skin, the fat layer was not partially rendered and not overwhelming, and the smoky flavor was perfectly complemented by the mild sweetness and creaminess of the rice. The accompanying vegetables were nothing special, but the duck/rice combination was wonderful. My wife had a halibut with corn and peas that she liked enough that I only got one bite.

        Wine list was heavily weighted to more expensive bottles (100-300$ range) although it is extensive enough that there are some good choices in the cheaper end of the list.

        Unfortunately, the store we were trying to get to closed early, so the whole point of the trip was somewhat moot, but we had a very nice dinner nonetheless.

        Thanks for all the suggestions.

    1. My choice would be Ten Tables, just north of Cambridge Common and about a 10 minute walk from that address. It is located in the old Craigie Street Bistro space, if you are familiar with that.

      Chez Henri, modern American with Cuban flair, is a short walk up Mass Ave on the other side of the Common. A board favorite, I quite enjoy it too.

      Temple Bar is a slightly longer walk up Mass Ave and serves solid food, although its more of a neighborhood place than a special night out.

      Rialto, modern Italian in a modern space in the Charle's Hotel, is another option.

      I'd pass on Upstairs on the Square; I've never had a good experience.

      It being Monday, double check that your destination is open, wherever you go. And enjoy!

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        Garden at the Cellar would be nice too, though it sounds like you have already picked Harvest for tonight.