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Sep 21, 2009 12:14 PM

Taking 21 yo son to Vegas

Im taking my son and a friend to Vegas for his 21st birthday. While I may prefer the top places like DB i dont think he will find that up his alley. Any thoughts? I have been told Dos Caminos is fun for dinner. He likes asian food as well. For lunch( if he is up!) we might try the Burger Bar or CC. We are staying at the Wynn and are seeing LOVE with dinner somewhere afterwards. I would greatly appreciate any ideas that would help make this trip a memorable one for my son and his friend. Im also very aware that at 21 he wont need my help to create memories in Vegas. ! M

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  1. You might look at Taos or Lavo for a special night. For more casual, try Kahunaville (especially eating in the bar), Grand Lux and Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba. If he is like many young men, sometimes quanity is important so maybe Wynn's buffet.

    1. So, here I go again, but before LOVE you should definitely cruise through TI and stop by the bar at ISLA for some Mexican beer and AMAZING nachos. The fish tacos are pretty solid as well. If he likes Asian, you should definitely consider some Spring Mountain Road establishments, which will be easily accessible from the Wynn. ICHIZA (4355 Spring Mountain Rd # 205 Las Vegas, NV 89102-8784 (702) 367-3151), a Japanese restaurant which specializes in pub style, small plates, has a great vibe even if the food isn't quite Raku. I would think a 21-year old would love the energy and offerings there. There are also several Korean BBQ places along Spring Mountain Road of which Honey Pig is my favorite, but there is a new all you can eat Korean BBQ place next to Raku (5030 Spring Mountain Rd), which might be more up the alley for a 21-year old guy-- lots of HITE beer and red meat. Red 8 at Wynn would also be a great option for Asian. It is solid and has a great atmosphere. Wazuzu at Encore could also be an Asian option, a bit nicer, but it features the "greatest hits" of a variety of Asian cuisines from Chinese to Thai to Japanese, even Korean. It just depends on whether you want to stay on the Strip or venture out. However, I would definitely recommend XS at Encore as a nightclub option if that is part of the plan. For a late night dessert, the Peppermill could be a memorable, more vintage Vegas experience. Or for a classic steak dinner experience consider The Steak House at Circus Circus or the Golden Steer-- more vintage Vegas than celebrity chef. If you want to do a super nice dinner after LOVE and your son really LOVES Asian, I highly recommend Wing Lei at Wynn. It is the only Chinese restaurant in America with a MIchelin star. The duck is famous.

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        My friend's son and his buddies are all in their early 20's and visit Vegas a couple times a year. When they are here they tend to gravitate towards the Hard Rock Hotel or the Palms, both of which are geared towards that age bracket. Both also actually have some pretty good food choices of various styles which would probably satisfy everyone including yourself.

      2. Spearmint Rhino or Cheetahs. The food may be sub par, but the atmosphere is top shelf for a freshly minted 21 year old. :)

        1. I appreciate the input. There are so many options in Vegas. I think I will stick to some of the Wynn options and let him make his own late night plans! Thanks again. M