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Sep 21, 2009 12:02 PM

My son turns 18! NNJ, please

I'm trying to find an 'acceptable' place to take my son this weekend, for a small family celebration. He's a huge sports fan, so I'm thinking a sports/bar/pub (emphasis on the 'sports), that serves decent food. Preferably in Bergen/Passaic/Hudson/Rockland area.
Thank you!

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  1. see if anyone has opinions about Dino's in Old Tappan...

    there's also Jimmy Geez in Haledon:

    1. What about Belmont Tavern on Belmont ave Haledon

      1. The Crows Nest in Hackensack on 17 south. I don't think I'd go out of my way to eat there, but it might be fun for an 18 year old.

        edit: i just looked at their website. i recall lots of TVs, but I was at the bar. there might not be much TV or sports action in the "dining rooms".

        1. It's a bit further away, but Egan and Sons in Montclair might fit the bill, although it's NOT a sports bar per's an Irish pub and they do have a big screen in the front (cafe) area. People seem to have small group parties in there on a pretty regular basis...but you should definitely call and see if you can reserve tables with a view of the screen, because the other nearby t.v.s are above the bar--and even sitting AT the bar it's tough to see the game sometimes! Basic food (burgers, fish and chips) are v. acceptable to sometimes terrific, but I'd steer clear of their $30 specials...that's not what you go for.

          Another thought: The Shannon Rose, which sits at the end of the Target pkg lot in Clifton, right off of Rt. 3. Again, not 100% sure about the # of screens, but you could call and find out.

          Seems like NNJ needs a few better sports bars!

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          1. re: Curlz

            the crows nest serves awful and i mean awful food stay away
            hooters for sure i think
            egan and sons great pub

            1. re: foodismylife

              I agree about Crow's Nest. I do have philosophical problems with Hooters, though.

          2. I would take the trip to Mariano Rivera's Restaurant. I think he would enjoy it. I took my husband who is a Huge Yankee fan and there were some Yankees in there.
            He was thrilled.

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            1. re: NJfoodLover

              Great idea! But that night is Boston vs. Yankees at the Stadium! Terrible traffic from jersey.

              1. re: phDuh

                hooters says it all well supposedly it is about the women, the boys of all ages are much more interested in the beer and the food
                took my 18 year old there for wings and that was all he was interested in and of course sipping my beer
                i like dim sum dynasty on the weekend lunches when they bring the carts around and you can look before you buy
                wish your son a great birthday for me
                if interested i have a 19 year old daughter i am lookin to pawn off on some nice young man
                beautiful and talented

                1. re: foodismylife

                  LOL!! My son read your post, and I got the full eye roll, and an exasperated "MOM"! Oh, us adults - we're so uncool! Thanks for all your ideas!

                  1. re: phDuh

                    A great place to take teens is The Shannon Rose Pub, in CLifton, NJ. the food, although certainly not gourmet, is decent. There are always lots of teen and local college kids in there. IT's in the Clifton Commons on Rt 3 East, towards the back of mall facing Target. In the summer I work at a day camp with lots of teens, and they love to hang out there.