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Sep 21, 2009 11:53 AM

Alexandria Institution Shuttering

Driving down Duke Street at lunchtime today, it appeared the Alexandria location of Generous George's Positive Pizza has closed. Moving trucks and a "building for sale" sign in front, workers disassembling the large nutcracker soldier by the front door, and a "Visit Us at Our Herndon Location" on the marquee. Too bad -- GG's went downhill a lot in the lost few years (to the point that we no longer recommended it to visiting friends), but it was always reassuring to see it there.

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  1. What memories Generous George's holds for me! I guess the lo-carb craze did them in . . .

    1. A lot of memories from a long time span for me as well. Sad to see it go. The place had a special character that I'll miss. The food wasn't fantastic, in my opinion, but there were times when it was exactly what I wanted

      I think George's family pretty much grew up in one of the buildings that eventually comprised part of the restaurant. So I guess he might have owned the land and got an offer he couldn't refuse. He used to be at the restaurant quite a lot, but I'd heard he moved to South Beach several years ago and I've not seen him there in a while.

      Or perhaps business tailed off and he just had to shut it down. Whatever the reason, I'll miss it.

      1. I was just there a few weeks ago for lunch. The place was empty except for a half dozen kids and their parents, yet the service was pathetically slow. Got a large with everything and a schooner of beer and it was all just fine. Sometimes you don't want a NY slice or a Chicago deep dish or some gourmet pie.

        My understanding is that this isn't necessarily a recent economy thing, so much as a series of poor financial decisions by management. At one point in the 1980s, there were talks to license a brand of frozen pizza, but that deal fell through over QC issues.

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        1. So, FIVE YEARS later and this place is still empty. I figured it would be a brewpub or something by now.

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            My guess is that eventually the building is replaced completely. The inside is so chopped up into odd spaces that renovating it into anything would be tough.