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Sep 21, 2009 11:24 AM

What is a good cognac for mixing?

Hello everyone,

A couple of the drinks I would like to try out call for cognac, and I would appreciate your recommendations on some good cognac brands for mixing. If possible, I'd like to keep the price in the $20-$30 range. If that is too tight, please feel free to sugest something at a higher price point. Many thanks in advance!


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  1. Cognac is an esteemed variety of brandy from a certain region in France. I feel comfortable using a decent VSOP brandy that is not so expensive as an entry-level cognac. I use Raynals VSOP, which costs about $15 in SEA. I am generally skeptical of the need for premium brandy in multi-ingredient drinks. Others may feel differently.

    1. Agreed with equinoise that a "decent" VSOP should be fine for most mixing duties. Key word being "decent". I've recently been working my way through a bottle of Martell--cost me around $30--and I'm quite happy with it. I've tried some other VSOPs that I paid only $10 or so for, and have been disappointed. With Cognac, in my experience, you really do get what you pay for (at least until you get to the crystal decanter level) and the $10 stuff has pretty much been trash. I think something in the $25-35 range is a good bet for mixing quality drinks.

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        Thank you both for the replies. I'll take a look at the ol' liquor store and will report back if I strike out. Thanks again!