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Sep 21, 2009 11:20 AM

Clancy's or Patois?

Coming with a few other couples in November, and can't decide between these 2 restaurants....unable so far to find Clancy's menu online, Patois looks teriffic. Help!

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  1. tough choice. wonderful food at both, in my opinion, if you have never been to new orleans, clancy's might offer more of a new orleans atmopshere (especially at the bar and in the downstairs dining area). but then, i still dream of the gnocchi and pork belly at patois..

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    1. re: monomalo12

      I vote Patois all the way. I agree the downstairs at Clancy's is very cool and clubby, but I think the food at Patois is head and shoulders above Clancy's, and it has it's own very neat vibe.

    2. Can't go wrong at either. Would be a coin toss for me.

      1. easy...both. seriously, if you can do both, do it!
        both do Friday lunch, and Patois does Sunday brunch if you want to mix it up.

        1. This is not close. Clancy's far superior. The drum fish worth a special trip.

          1. Clancy's is very much like a private club that caters to regulars. If you are going for excellent food and service, choose Patois.