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Sep 21, 2009 11:05 AM

Pleeease help choosing a Julia Child chicken recipe to cook en masse

I am going to be leading a group of 5 parents or so from my daughter's school in cooking a Julia Child chicken recipe during a party prep get together for our parent social. The dinner, with a Julia Child theme of course, will be the following evening. I need something relatively easy in order to delegate, sit overnight in fridge/reheat (no time to cook next day), & of course tasty.

When asked to do this, I said yes as I do enjoy cooking; however, I'm not even half as experienced as many of my fellow hounds :) Therefore, I seek your advice.

Coq Au Vin is out since cooking style is too similar to the beef bourguignon which is also on the menu. Other items at dinner will be cheese/charcuterie apps, salad, green beans, ratatouille & dessert. I understand that many of the recipes are available online. One recipe that was suggested is the "fondue de poulet a la creme". We are expecting approximately 75 people, so cook for 45?

I really appreciate your help! Thanks.

p.s. my expertise lies in Indian cuisine; however, whenever I reheat dark meat that I've cooked or sometimes bought, it always tastes gamey...

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  1. I agree with you about reheating dark chicken meat. I don't have any JC cookbooks but I know there were a number of poached chicken breast things in the Julie/Julia Project blog. Maybe there is a pate. Or how about chicken livers?

    I did make Julia's baked cucumbers because of the raving in the blog, book, and movie. They were unusual, simple, and delicious. The end result tasted like a cross between cuke and braised bok choy. As a solo side dish, it's about one cuke per person. The recipe is radily available online. If you try it and like it, maybe you could persuade the group to include it in the menu. It reheats well (nuke or oven) and I think it is better warm than hot.

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      Thanks for your reply. The Julie/Julia project blog is not working well nor is there a search field. Don't know if I actually looking at the right one either. Aaah!

      I am going to try a couple of dishes today but hope more people will chime in!!!

    2. Having a little coffee break here and looking through MTAOFC, Vol I.

      Since you have concerns about dark meat, would you consider deviating enough from an authentic JC recipe to use only tenderloins in making it? That gives you the white meat and nice piece sizes for group servings. Plus, I don't know about your vendors, but my meat guys, at my local supermarket's butcher counter and a meat market I use sometimes, would give me their best price if I called to ask for an order for a group this size.

      ceekskat, I'm not sure what you meant when you said that Coq au Vin's cooking style is too similar to Boeuf Bourgignon. Since you did mention poulet a la creme, I'm going to assume some kind of a sauce or braise is okay? Just maybe not another brown sauce and (obviously) not exactly the same additions? Based on that, JC has some variations of Fricassee de Poulet a l'Ancienne that might work within your parameters, but the sauce in the master recipe is enriched with both cream and eggs. Don't know if you want anything that heavy, but if it's okay, there's Fricassee de Poulet a l'Indienne (with a little curry), Paprika, Fricasse a l'Estragon ( I think you'd add some more fresh tarragon when you reheat this, since tarragon is delicate).

      Or, she has a recipe for Supreme de Volaille with cream that looks like it would work, very well, for the reheating, and would work with tenderloins if you want to go that route. One variation she has is Supremes de Volaille a l'Ecossaise, which has diced aromatics as the vegetable addition. I think this one might appeal to any of the manly-men who like good, basic, well prepared, "homecooking" food.

      Sorry, that's all I've got for you, since Vol I. is the only JC cookbook I have. :-)

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      1. re: Normandie

        Thank you, great idea about tenderloins; however, I'm planning going the Costco route so...

        Also, my guess is that a saucy/braised dish should hold up well for reheating. I will take a look at Fricasee paprika. I feel my waistline expanding just reading the recipes :) Ah well, this is a buffet & people will just take a small helping.

      2. You might want to consider Chicken Bouillabaisse with Rouille. It is in the Julia and Company cookbook and listed as a lo cal banquet. I know, I know Julia and lo cal- but it is good. It is a fricasse of chicken with leeks, tomatoes, herbs,and wine, with a garlic and pimento sauce on the side. It will serve 6 people with "ample leftovers".This recipe would not be a problem to increase. It's tasty and the perfect dish for this time of the year. Good luck. I'm sure you will have a great party.

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        1. re: Delphine

          I actually saw this in the library yesterday! I quickly discarded it as it called for a great quantity of fresh/chopped/seeded/pulped tomatoes :) Perhaps I can use fresh & canned for the sake of time & quantity involved?

        2. I just made the poulet a l'estragon and it was great and reheated well, plus with the richness of the sauce one chicken made about 6-7 servings. I think doing something with a whole chicken or bone-in chicken would be best since it stays more moist.

          1. I would keep it simple. I think you said you alreay hav ea beef bourguignon, I would do simple roast hicken. Julia has a wonderful recipe for that. to feed 45 people 6 roasters would be enough.

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              More like 9 or 10 chickens, unless they are huge - besides, the dish must be cooked beforehand, refrigerated, then reheated. Even if OP has the fridge space, the flavor of reheated roast chicken is not as good. Julia had a rotisserie chicken - since OP is shopping at Costco, maybe just buy a bunch of them on the day of the event. If cheating, do it boldly!