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Sep 21, 2009 11:02 AM

Chocolate moon cakes?

I need to buy moon cakes for Mid-Autumn Moon Festival for someone that is bean paste adverse. I was thinking chocolate. I've seen such "modern" flavours sold in Asia. Does anyone know of anyplace in SF or the Peninsula that mgiht have this? Thanks!

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  1. I saw Koi Palace advertising them a few weeks ago.

    1. There are moon cakes that are made without bean paste. Winter melon and what I call Chinese fruit cake (nuts and fruit). Eastern Bakery has been my source in the past for these two items.

      1. Lately at Marina Foods supermarket and CrC in Millbrae (the latter being a mixed grocery/snack/lotto/travel agent family run shop), have some interesting imported mooncakes from Hong Kong that for some reason required refrigeration. They didn't look like the paste variety, and on a cashier poster apparently you can get (or pre-order) lots of wacky flavors like green tea, fruity flavors, and something REALLY HK...Yeung Chi Gum Loe 楊枝甘露 which is a mango based dessert with pomelo skin, sago, evaporated milk, and coconut juice.

        But yes, check your local dim sum seafood restaurant too for other varieties. I suspect the big name Chinatown bakeries should have some of the more traditional flavors as well that might not have all bean paste related interiors.

        1. I was at Costco(Richmond) over the weekend where they were giving out samples of moon cakes. Don't know what flavors they had but I think the sign said Joy Luck Place or Palace.

          1. Wiiliam Wong wrote about Golden Gate Bakery selling moon cakes, probably too late:

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              It maybe too late. Tomorrow is 8/15 by the Chinese calendar. That is moon festive day. So after tomorrow the local bakeries will stop making moon cakes. So after Saturday the local market will discount there stock of overseas moon cakes. Once a year is more then enough.

              Now only family dinners to attend and enjoy.