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Where did you eat this week ? Part 2 Fall 2009

I am thinking it might be fun to post on where locals eat in a given week; I end up eating out now and then for necessity , not necessarily looking for a gastronomical adventure and I end up at places that might not be recommended highly but they fit the bill for what I'm looking for.
My original thread with same title started in June. This one starts early fall.

I'm away in Dallas this week, so I'll have to post in another forum for now, lol....

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  1. Thursday: Rotisserie Panama. Shared saganaki, horta, calamari, giant beans, chicken, potatoes. Followed up with a visit to Picadilly bakery for some galaktoboureko and chocolate covered baklava. I think I'm still full from that meal.

    Saturday: Lunch was a delicious antep kabab sandwich from (where else?) Antep Kabab. Supper with family members at Le Georgia. Shared katchapouri, chnitsel with thkemali, khinkali (meat dumplings), blininchiki with salmon roe, and a bunch of other delicious treats, including ice cold vodka. Hoo boy. Highly recommended.

    Monday: Lunch at PM with a friend. Shared salt and pepper seafood (squid, shrimp, scallop) and stir fried snowpea leaves with garlic.

    It's too much. I think I have restaurant fatigue. Time to take a break.

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      PM is Premiere Moisson? They prepare chinese food?

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        No. It's Pret-à-Manger, although I think their sign only says P.M. now.

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            They changed the name on their signage to P.M. when they re-opened after the fire, but apparently they still operate under Prêt À Manger. I highly recommend the Japanese tofu with eggplant.

            Restaurant Pret A Manger
            1809, Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest


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        I have often wondered about Le Georgia, so I'm happy to hear a bit about it and read a good review! It sounds great. This is the resto on Decarie near Queen Mary, right?

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          Yes, on the west side of Décarie a door or two north of Queen Mary. A friend and I had dinner there last week. Provided you're not allergic to garlic, it's dandy and reasonably priced. Could do without the Georgian MuchMusic vids and game shows playing on the two flatscreen TVs. And our melancholy server was reticent beyond belief ("How's the duck prepared?" "It's duck." "Just duck?!" "With sauce. And garlic."). Still, my friend has already proposed it for a dinner next week.

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            Haha. These complaints of yours are what I think give it its Georgian charm. The time we went in September, our Russian waiter was so cold that my sister-in-law almost took it personally. He warmed up throughout the evening, though, and even gave us a few thumbs up towards the end. I think that's just their nature. The music videos are so atrocious that I find them hilarious. The food is delicious and the vodka never hurts.

      3. Tuesday: The Keg, had a nice rib steak with all the trimmings
        Thursday: PM for shrimp and snow peas in XO sauce and a great hot'n sour soup, then pizza slice from Chez Dany
        Friday: Nostos for gyro pita plate
        Saturday: Madison's (at a friend's request), very average overall but my friend's steak was excellent. I didn't feel like having red meat, so I had a grilled chicken salad but sampled the grilled veggies, crab cakes, clam chowder soup and french fries; again, everything was adequate but ordinary.
        Way too much eating out for me as well and overindulging in alcoholic beverages...a detox program is under way!

        1. BBQ pork buns and coconut buns at Jade Garden-Poon Kai bakery adjacent - fresh from the oven -mmmm.
          Lobster roll and clam chowder at Oyster Shack - kinda meh. Fish and chips co-diner had were a little better.

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            I can't be bothered to cook after shopping so after loading up on food at Marché Jean Talon we stopped at Pho Tay Ho and had big plates of vermicelli, fresh herbs, imperial rolls and grilled pork, shrimp and chicken, photo here.

          2. Tuesday: La Porte Grecque. A pretty decent Greek BYO in the West Island. I had the chicken oregano.
            Thursday: Excellent dinner at Pintxo. Opted for the menu degustation plus two additional pintxos (crab and shrimp duo and ravioli in duck stew). For dessert had the chocolate creme brulee and a passion fruit/chocolate mousse.
            Saturday: Tried something different- went to Cafe Rococo for Hungarian food. I had the goulash and cucumber salad. Simple, home-style cooking !

            1. Thursday: Cellini (hotel vogue) had a nice surf and turf - filet mignon and lobster tail which was absolutly delicious, perfect cooking, litterally melt in the mouth with a bottle of liano.

              Friday: Hooters, a decent burger with a pint of beer while watching the habs game.

              Saturday: Schwartz for lunch, gotta love that takeout counter, much faster than waiting for a table, Saturday night a very good Lamb couscous at le coin berbere on duluth

              Saturday: Sezchuan food at Orchidée de Chine, steamed dumplings, crispy spring rolls, a very fragrant and tasty basil beef, chicken in mustard sauce with a good bottle of gewurzstraminer.

              Monday lunch: Brisket sandwich at Bofinger (DT)

              1. Warning: BROSSARD EDITION :)

                I'm super jealous of all yous who are able to eat out so often!

                Friday night: (Main dinner) Pho Zen-- 5 spices grilled squid, all ingredients pho, Vermicelli with Lemongrass pork and spring roll, (Dessert) Cumulus -- Triple Chocolate souffle
                Saturday night: Mongolian hotpot Little Fat Sheep -- all you can eat hotpot, dessert + drinks inclusive
                Sunday Lunch: DimSum at Kam Fung

                man.. I haven't ate out so much and often in a while and I am still full from this wknd! I'm so weak :(

                1. I'm getting in a little late on this post. My ship was in Montreal for a couple of days so I decided to try a few Food Network Celebrity chef restaurants. The 19th I went to Garde Manger. They could only get me at 930PM, but I was grateful as I did not have the forethought to book well in advance. Unfortunately the service left a little to be desired. I was by myself and was sat at a table within almost a foot of another couple...I felt a bit like a third wheel. After I was brought to the table, it took almost 10 minutes before anyone acknowledged me. The place was very busy, but at the same time, you expect a little more from a place with Garde Manger reputation. When I was finally acknowledged I ordered the watermelon & fennel salad with pork belly...it was outstanding. For my main I ordered the trout over a beet salad...which almost made the poor service worth it. I would love to have stayed an enjoyed a dessert, but the line up to get in was long and I felt like I was being rushed the whole time. With two beer the meal cost $75. On Sunday the 20th, I went to Au Pied de Cochon. The whole experience was outstandng. The manager / host was genuinely friendly and attentive. Somebody was always near by to refill drinks or take away plates and the food was awesome. I started with pickled bison tongue (something I had never had before) and the Boudin Noir (with PDC potatoes and braised apples and cabbage -- delightful). I followed that with Fois Gras on a bed of figs with a balsamic glaze...the size of the fois gras blew my mind...it was huge...and cooked to perfection. On top of that I ordered the fries cooked in duck fat...decadent yes...worth it...even more so. After eating all that one would think I had no room for dessert...because the portions really were big (I shared with my dinner guests)...but I'm a glutton and don't get to Montreal very often. I had the chocolate pot and it was the perfect ending to an outstanding evening. With all that I ate, plus two beer and a coffee, my total was $65. You cannot get the quality of food and service for $65 in many places. I would highly recommend Au Pied de Cochon.

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                    thanks for this report hooper, you are right attentive service can make all the difference, after reading this i think i will plan another visit to pied de cochon!

                    I was in old montreal on an errand and thought to stop by olive and gourmando for a sandwich since i have only had beverages and pastries on previous visits. To be fair they were out of chicken, did tell me cubano was spicy (so not a choice for me today), and the chevre cheese with ketchup didnt sound enticing so I ended up with the smoked trout+ cheese fiiling, and for 11.25 on bill not impressed and really dont like eating out of a basket. Actually it is not a place i would recommend for tourists or even to go out of way for a montrealer, but guess it is individual preference thing. Not much competition in that area.

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                      Chévre chaud sandwich, with their home made ketchup as a dipping sauce is a favorite of mine; I like to split it with someone, it's rich.

                    2. re: hooper_75

                      Hooper, is there a wine list at Au Pied de Cochon? I only see beer and cider listed on their menu online. Can you bring your own Sauterne for the foie gras?

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                        Yes, there is a wine list. No, you can't bring your own wine, Sauternes or otherwise (it's against the law).

                    3. Tues: P.M. for tasty veg plate Buddha Delight - love those dried strips of tofu and fungus-y things - tasty ginger pork and sugar snap peas, not-so-great oily rice noodles and beef
                      Wed: Nuts About You smoothie at Liquid Nutrition (Drummond) - peanut butter, mmmmm
                      Fri: Maison Bulgogi for yummy spicy home made noodles with chicken and not-so-great, greasy pork and kimchi pancake; funny, it was great two weeks ago: thick slabs, perfectly cooked, lots o' pork and kimchi - different chef? Oh well...

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                        I was out shopping wanted a quick meal early this evening and enjoyed a $15 moussaka, good sized portion also served with mixed salad topped by slice of feta, toasted bread and tzatziki. I find this good value for an evening meal downtown, and the decor with the taped greek music was a oasis off of busy park avenue just up from sherbrooke near pullman bar--the greek resto with all the blue lights.--I will have to add its name later as. I never noticed the name, on the bill it says cinquieme avenue which was its previous name, redone by the same owners a greek family who also are chef, and helpers. I cannot vouch for other meal choices as this is second time i have been and both times ordered moussaka without looking at menu. Nothing exotic just hearty homestyle meal in pleasant, casual ambience.. Portions generous, two sets of customers leaving were taking leftover containers. Complete table menu is outside front door . No problems with service, presentation or prices! I would have enjoyed a dessert but impossible with portion of moussaka and accompaniments.

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                          I believe it's called Restaurant Ouzeri but it's not related to the one on St-Denis.

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                            I considered making homemade moussaka, but that's too time consuming-
                            The restaurant Ouzeri appears to have its own website:
                            5318 avenue du parc
                            (514) 270-0235

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                              That's an entirely different restaurant called Mythos or sometimes Mythos Ouzeri. I know it's very confusing...ouzeri denotes a type of restaurant that serves smaal mezedes or meze that are meant to be eaten when sipping ouzo. Here in Canada, the term is used generically for many greek restaurants.

                            2. re: hungryann

                              that was close, i checked today and the name is Acropolis Ouzeri for the restaurant on Parc, near Sherbrooke street

                              I have made moussaka at home but it is time consuming and always so much left unless you have a large family.

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                                For the first time i had a meal at stashs cafe in old montreal, although i have had their various kinds of pierogis and cabbage rolls in other settings, I have never been in their restaurant. I think i chose the wrong meal, the weiner schnitzel Warsaw style ($16.95) was described in menu as the tenderest veal, it came topped with a fried egg, appeared to be a generous portion but the the paperthin veal was not all that tender and was sort of hiddlen in the middle so a lot of the time I was eating the thick breading alone; it came accompanied by beets and one plain boiled potato. With a glass of wine, coffee (refilled without charge) and a half portion of the dessert crepe the bill came to $37. I very much enjoyed the nalesniki, a crepe filled with a sweet cheese and a fruit compote on side. Wine and coffee were good and service pleasant but meal disappointing, I dont think i would return as besides problem with choice of meat I found the food too bland for my tastes. here is the menu description of the meal I ordered: The glory of Habsburg’s gourmet, made now as then from the tenderest veal and served Warsaw style.

                        2. With Mom recovering from knee surgery, it has been a slow few weeks for dining out. This past week I only made it out last night. Originally, We were going to try Kansas City BBQ, but as we perused the outside menu, we discovered it shared it's space with George's Souvlaki. A choice of souvlaki or smoked ribs in one place... could they possibly do both well? The place was deserted. We opted for a trip to Mesquite instead.

                          We shared the cornmeal dusted calamari They were fine, but could have used a little more dusting of spice and a bit more crispiness. My favorite part of the dish... extra tentacles! I rarely get served the tentacles in restaurants, but they are my favorite part. My dining companion had the chicken with a side of garlicky red skinned smashed potatoes and a green salad (her effort to be healthy). She enjoyed the chicken, but the Dr. Pepper sauce was too overpowering. I had the 1/2 order ribs which were charred beyond what most people would enjoy... not bad for me, but nothing to write home about.

                          For dessert, we headed over to le Bilboquet... I had the chestnut, my partner the caramel bronzé.

                          1. Saturday : Papas Martine & Tapas : With friends (luckily, good friends!), reasonable-ish food, horrible service, forget who order what, couple at our table was nearly forgotten, wine service was weird, start with huge wine glass, ends up with measly small glasses (weird, they did not allow us to keep our glasses!) when paying, they had one couple pay, and left the rest of us for at least 15 minutes ... anyway, not the best experiense ... next group outing will be "les Héritiers"...

                            1. Haven't participated in a while so here goes (hope my memory serves me correctly)...

                              Saturday Sept 19: Kejaki sushi (delivery) for dinner

                              Sunday Sept 20: Container of Peking hot soup and a spring roll from Kam Shing (takeout)

                              Tuesday Sept 22: Another container of Peking hot soup from Kam Shing as I had tonsillitis and only wanted that

                              Thursday Sept 24: BBQ pork bun and a chicken bun from Kim Phat

                              Saturday Sept 26: sushi and spring roll from Loblaws - figured I would try it out, the sushi was grocery store sushi, but the smoked salmon spring roll in rice paper was quite nice.

                              Sunday Sept 27: A brownie at Second Cup for breakkie and then got to try Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot finally! Hubby and I got the ying-yang pot and loved it! I'm looking forward to going back for sure.

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                                lunchstop at Resturant Mon Shing 90 Lagauchetiere next door to Bejing and had the lunch special: soup, tea, spring roll, singapore noodles with some pork/shrimp(other choice was mixed chinese vegetables), bowl of rice, fortune cookie--way too much food and all for a total bill of $4.75! Service was surly but prices right. Lots of people in restaurant at 2pm and the assorted dishes on other tables looked delicious and portions generous. Mostly Chinese families when I was there. Recommended by chinese tourguide today.

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                                  Just a suggestion for you, wilma, and a few others. Unless you are replying to a specific comment, use the "Reply to original post" link at the bottom of the page, or hit Reply in the original post itself. Otherwise, it formats as if you're replying directly to the post above you.

                              2. Went to "Food Resto Lounge" in the Village friday night for a birthday party.

                                Probably near the bottom of my list of go-to places in Montreal food-wise, but I was quite surprised as is was not so bad as I expected.

                                Yes the menu is _very_ extensive, from sushi to burger to pasta in all shapes and forms all with basic "sauce au poivre" and other gravies ... I don't recall what others had, but I had the "roulé de Cerf stuff with veal" which was well cooked and tasted good; the veggies were massive (heck, I think I had a whole brocoli head on my plate!!!)
                                Pre-food drinks were well done and very well alcoolized (if you get my meaning!)

                                Service was good, no misplaced plates, all were served at the same time ... one small quirks (and it seems to happen a lot in my recent outings) is that restaurant tend to be short on wine glasses, they came once or twice asking us if we were done with them!

                                One good surprised was the wine, I has a bottle of "Belleruche" Côtes du Rhône 2007, which was the highlight of the meal (in food/drink quality-wise) @37 (compare to 17 @ saq).

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                                  An excellent week for me: Mamie Clafoutis this morning, Ella Grill on friday, and Leméac on wednesday. I tend to be a very habitual diner; I know there are other wonderful options out there, but I actually crave those places.

                                2. Wednesday : Joe Beef, i had fresh oysters as appetizer, followed by the Lobster Spaghetti, both of which were excellent, oysters fresh, served with the classics sides of horseradish, cocktail sauce, mignonette and lemon. Lobster spaghetti, a whole lobster perfectly cooked served over spaghetti in a creamy bacon sauce, absolutly delicious, desert an apple pie with sour cream ice cream and homemade caramel.

                                  1. OK, I'm going back to this thread 'cause the other "where did you eat" one is so long! Had a fantastic birthday, food-wise - started with brunch at the Sparrow (sausage-egg roll, bubble and squeak) and ended with a lovely 6-course meal at La Montee. I was a little bit worried about the limited choices available (basically there are 6 available courses including cheese & dessert and you just choose how many and which you want) but everything was so good it really didn't matter. I'm a wine novice and was overwhelmed by the wine list, but our waiter recommended a great one in our (cheapskate) price range. Service, atmosphere and food were all excellent.
                                    Others this week: Euro-deli Batory for borscht, perogies & sausage; arepas & empanadas from that mexican grocery-snack bar type place on St-Laurent near Marie-Anne; and cheap, decent butter chicken & beef curry at Thali. Great week!

                                    1. We had dinner at Zen-ya (Ste-Catherine W. st. above the Bar Istori) on Friday night. This place was a bit tough to find, the location really does not do them any justice. It is on the second floor, above the Istori bar, very easily missed. The stairs going up to it are also dingy and dirty.
                                      Inside the restaurant, however, it is quite something else. Very nice and cozy decor, modern, elegant (albeit a tiny bit too dark). The food was very good, especially the tartar salmon entree. Sushi was excellent, fresh and well done. The only disappointment for me was the fresh oyster entree, but it might have been a question of personal taste.
                                      All in all, a great sushi place to go to for a romantic meal or with a (smallish) group of friends.

                                      1. Tonight, I took my hubbie out on a date and we since we didn't feel like ranging far, we decided to give Lucille's (in the NDG Monkland Village) a spin.

                                        As others have said it's got a southern crab shack kinda feel, like wooden coca cola cases to hold menus; large mirrors at either end of this shallow room framed with barn wood have items written on them (hard to read), a couple of blackboards and a pair of TVs above the bar tuned that night to the Buffalo-Montreal game (Mtl was getting creamed 3-0 when I looked).

                                        Today's menu had bouillabaisse, which we both like so we opted for that... what we got was not was we hoped for, but still tasty. It was more a montage, an assemblage inspired by bouillabaisse. Large pan fried chunks of 3-4 different kinds of fish (including cod, salmon, something that may have been tuna and perhaps another kind of white fleshed firm fish), a couple of gigantic shrimp, and a handful of mussels were layered over a large piece of toasted bread with thin slices of potato and fennel, splashed with a garlicky wine sauce, and something that was akin to rouille was poured on top (it was too dark to make out clearly).

                                        Overall, a pleasant dish, very filling, with the whole cooked garlic cloves and fennel slices livening things up nicely. But it was decidedly NOT bouillabaisse (we was expecting a soupier dish). Anyway, their seafood cocktails and raw bar look good, so next time we go, we'll try that instead. Good service, although I wished the waiter with the water wasn't quite back so often.

                                        We skipped the wine: the price list was too rich for my taste that night.

                                        Then we went across the street to check out Sprinkles, a candy store that opened up about 4 months ago below the SAQ. Huge bright space, awash in candies of many kinds. Hubbie picked up a Zagnut candy bar and I got a few sour candies. And we got ourselves some candy corn to watch with a movie tonight.

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                                          i had repeat visits to mikes for the halfportion salmon and pasta ($10+evening), really good value, filet of salmon always tender and this plate is consistent in different branches of mikes. On Sunday I returned to http://www.restaurantduvieuxport.com/ for the 20$ before 6pm special and although three choices i had the same thing except salad instead of soup (corn), good portion of steak, substitued baked potato and sour cream for garlicky mashed potatoes, veggies were grilled eggplant and yellow pepper slices+ chocolate mousse cake for dessert. Waitress was attentive, friendly and everything was served quickly despite a full house. Fireplace burning, nice ambience and wonderful value.

                                          Week before i had gone into spaghetti factory in oldmontreal although i knew its reputation , without details reputation is well deserved, nothing like a salad bar with choice of assorted canned vegetables and pasta special was really not edible, I had impression from heaviness that sauce could have come out of a package.

                                          1. re: wilmagrace

                                            This week, we had a fabulous lunch at Fino's downstairs restaurant and also an excellent dinner at Il Cortile. I also had tea and chocolate on thursday at the new chocolatier on de Maisonneuve, suite 88 ; they have comfy red leather chairs.

                                            1. re: superbossmom

                                              where exactly is the chocolatier...

                                              We went to Sparrow for first time last weekend and had an array of breakfast dishes, got overcharged though, check your bill! Very tiny but we liked the English specialties. Lineups werent too bad. Also had meal Sunday night at Sofitel Le Renoir-special valentine menu of 6 or 7 dishes and found all succeeded with good spicing and variety. Service was excellent and each dish was described in detail on presentation. There were also special wine tastings for each course at additional price but we just had glass of wine. Nice decor for valentines day and ambiance. Dessert was a variety of 6 different desserts, 3 per person and we enjoyed every mouthful! Perfume gifts at end, good value for $65 per person. Last time i was there was a dinner a few years ago as part of highlight festival and we also enjoyed the experience at that time as well.

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                                                The first Suite 88 is at 3957 St-Denis and now they have a new boutique at 1225 de Maisonneuve.


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                                                  I picked up sandwiches at Soup Soups on Crescent thursday; they were brutal. The week before, mango curry chicken sandwich at Olive and Gourmando, brutal also.

                                                  Tuesday night, group dinner at Il Cortile, sublime.
                                                  Wednesday night, corporate group dinner at Queue de Cheval, just o.k. for
                                                  the food, attentive service and lovely 3rd floor private room. I insulted the waiter I think, by asking for a good steak knife, their laguiole knives had no
                                                  teeth left, totally worn down, I own the same knives, they should be sharp.
                                                  He gave me something that looked like a small dagger, lol..

                                                  Friday dinner for 4 at Ella Grill, always a real treat .