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Sep 21, 2009 10:58 AM

Where did you eat this week ? Part 2 Fall 2009

I am thinking it might be fun to post on where locals eat in a given week; I end up eating out now and then for necessity , not necessarily looking for a gastronomical adventure and I end up at places that might not be recommended highly but they fit the bill for what I'm looking for.
My original thread with same title started in June. This one starts early fall.

I'm away in Dallas this week, so I'll have to post in another forum for now, lol....

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  1. Thursday: Rotisserie Panama. Shared saganaki, horta, calamari, giant beans, chicken, potatoes. Followed up with a visit to Picadilly bakery for some galaktoboureko and chocolate covered baklava. I think I'm still full from that meal.

    Saturday: Lunch was a delicious antep kabab sandwich from (where else?) Antep Kabab. Supper with family members at Le Georgia. Shared katchapouri, chnitsel with thkemali, khinkali (meat dumplings), blininchiki with salmon roe, and a bunch of other delicious treats, including ice cold vodka. Hoo boy. Highly recommended.

    Monday: Lunch at PM with a friend. Shared salt and pepper seafood (squid, shrimp, scallop) and stir fried snowpea leaves with garlic.

    It's too much. I think I have restaurant fatigue. Time to take a break.

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      PM is Premiere Moisson? They prepare chinese food?

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        No. It's Pret-à-Manger, although I think their sign only says P.M. now.

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            They changed the name on their signage to P.M. when they re-opened after the fire, but apparently they still operate under Prêt À Manger. I highly recommend the Japanese tofu with eggplant.

            Restaurant Pret A Manger
            1809, Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest


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        I have often wondered about Le Georgia, so I'm happy to hear a bit about it and read a good review! It sounds great. This is the resto on Decarie near Queen Mary, right?

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          Yes, on the west side of Décarie a door or two north of Queen Mary. A friend and I had dinner there last week. Provided you're not allergic to garlic, it's dandy and reasonably priced. Could do without the Georgian MuchMusic vids and game shows playing on the two flatscreen TVs. And our melancholy server was reticent beyond belief ("How's the duck prepared?" "It's duck." "Just duck?!" "With sauce. And garlic."). Still, my friend has already proposed it for a dinner next week.

          1. re: carswell

            Haha. These complaints of yours are what I think give it its Georgian charm. The time we went in September, our Russian waiter was so cold that my sister-in-law almost took it personally. He warmed up throughout the evening, though, and even gave us a few thumbs up towards the end. I think that's just their nature. The music videos are so atrocious that I find them hilarious. The food is delicious and the vodka never hurts.

      3. Tuesday: The Keg, had a nice rib steak with all the trimmings
        Thursday: PM for shrimp and snow peas in XO sauce and a great hot'n sour soup, then pizza slice from Chez Dany
        Friday: Nostos for gyro pita plate
        Saturday: Madison's (at a friend's request), very average overall but my friend's steak was excellent. I didn't feel like having red meat, so I had a grilled chicken salad but sampled the grilled veggies, crab cakes, clam chowder soup and french fries; again, everything was adequate but ordinary.
        Way too much eating out for me as well and overindulging in alcoholic beverages...a detox program is under way!

        1. BBQ pork buns and coconut buns at Jade Garden-Poon Kai bakery adjacent - fresh from the oven -mmmm.
          Lobster roll and clam chowder at Oyster Shack - kinda meh. Fish and chips co-diner had were a little better.

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            I can't be bothered to cook after shopping so after loading up on food at Marché Jean Talon we stopped at Pho Tay Ho and had big plates of vermicelli, fresh herbs, imperial rolls and grilled pork, shrimp and chicken, photo here.

          2. Tuesday: La Porte Grecque. A pretty decent Greek BYO in the West Island. I had the chicken oregano.
            Thursday: Excellent dinner at Pintxo. Opted for the menu degustation plus two additional pintxos (crab and shrimp duo and ravioli in duck stew). For dessert had the chocolate creme brulee and a passion fruit/chocolate mousse.
            Saturday: Tried something different- went to Cafe Rococo for Hungarian food. I had the goulash and cucumber salad. Simple, home-style cooking !

            1. Thursday: Cellini (hotel vogue) had a nice surf and turf - filet mignon and lobster tail which was absolutly delicious, perfect cooking, litterally melt in the mouth with a bottle of liano.

              Friday: Hooters, a decent burger with a pint of beer while watching the habs game.

              Saturday: Schwartz for lunch, gotta love that takeout counter, much faster than waiting for a table, Saturday night a very good Lamb couscous at le coin berbere on duluth

              Saturday: Sezchuan food at Orchidée de Chine, steamed dumplings, crispy spring rolls, a very fragrant and tasty basil beef, chicken in mustard sauce with a good bottle of gewurzstraminer.

              Monday lunch: Brisket sandwich at Bofinger (DT)