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Sep 21, 2009 10:38 AM

French in the Theater District

My husband and I, along with our parents, are going out for dinner after West Side Story. My mil has expressed a preference for French. Sadly, PIerre Au Tunnel (our old standby) is no more, nor is Le Madeleine. Anything too pricey will produce much grumbling (since they will insist on paying). Any suggestions for a decent alternative that won't put us in the poorhouse?

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    1. So many of the excellent old stand-bys are gone and, unfortunately, the French bistros that are still in the Theater District are not, imo, very good.

      I agree with the Marseille suggestion. But bear in mind that while the food is very good, it's a brasserie with a modern take on French and Mediterranean cuisine as opposed to a menu of classic French bistro dishes. Also, the bright, bustling atmospherics are quite different from the quieter au Tunnel and Madeleine, both of which I liked.

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        I went to Marseille once or twice with my parents and thought the food was good. But it was incredibly loud at dinner (another pet peeve of theirs) so I'm not sure I'd go back with them.

      2. I've always found Chez Napoleon to have decent food and charming service, though I'm sure some on this board will disagree.