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transportation challenge - would love help for tonight!

Hi everyone,

My friend is coming into town for business and will be here one night. She is staying at the Hyatt on Memorial Drive in Cambridge (near the BU Bridge), which makes taking the T pretty impractical (plus, she's very pregnant and may not be up for buses and transfers, etc.). I live in Cambridge and love it dearly, so my first thought was to take her to one of my Cambridge favorites (Garden at the Cellar, EVOO, Emma's, or the bar at Chez Henri). However, she's never been to Boston, so I thought it might be fun to actually take her into town. Any ideas where I could take her in Boston (Back Bay or North End, ideally) that I wouldn't have to pay $30 to park? Or is that too tall of an order (in other words, am I better off giving her the "Cambridge experience" instead?)?


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  1. Here is a web site I found last year that has been very helpful for finding just the right parking facilities... just click on the city you want:

    1. Don't know if you consider the South End Boston proper, but Rocca and Gaslight have their own parking lots. No baseball so Eastern Standard shouldn't be hard to park, likewise Petit Robert Bistro down the street. Depending which night of the week, it might not even be bad to park around Davio's.

      1. You shouldn't have to pay $30 to park during the evening. Evening rates are likely to be more like $15 or $20.

        1. The Boston Common Garage (enter on Charles Street) is a flat rate fee after 4:00. I haven't parked there in a while, but I don't think its more than $15.00.

          1. I'm a big fan of Via Matta, which is right near the St. James Garage, 12 dollars. I think the dining room definitely has a bit of that across-the-river wow factor.

            1. The drive heading downtown via Memorial is my favorite view of the city, from there you could cross over the longfellow and drive down charles then beacon then either park at the common or in the garage above the old cheri on dalton off boylston. Both are cheap parking options and are close-ish to good dinning. You could even take a rickshaw directly to the restaurant if you are comfortable doing so. That way your friend sees a lot of the city.

              If you don't fell like going through the hassle, cambridge is great too. You could pick her up and park easily off brattle and walk briefly before dinner, then taxi back to the car?

              Other option is post office square park, which would get you close to the harbor and downtown chow. that garage is less than 10 after 3 I believe.

              1. If you want _really_ cheap parking with a great view of Boston, Dante is right across from the Cambridgeside galleria lot which is like $3. I suppose drinks aren't in order, but the patio and the view is pretty nice anyways.

                1. I believe the garage under International Place (on Atlantic Ave) is $9 on evenings and weekends. I've used it when going to Sel de la Terre and Kingston Station.

                  1. Not much chow in the Financial district but free meter parking after 6:00 PM around Batterymarch, Mil Street, Franklin, etc...

                    1. So where did you go? People had lots of parking lot suggestions but I don't think you really needed them for a Mon. nite, curious where you ended up.

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                        Well, in the end she made it really easy for me. Her husband doesn't like Mexican food, and she was really craving it, so we just went to Ole and I parked on the street with my Cambridge permit! It worked out really well. Thanks to everyone for their suggestions!