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Sep 21, 2009 09:34 AM

I'm....Ron Burgundy? Need some advice on Magazine St places

I haven't been to Ignatius in a few years but I didn't really like it when I went. Has anything changed there on the menu?
Also, how's dante's kitchen? Is it better than Mat and Naddie's and Dick and Jenny's? Dick and Jenny's is one of my favorite places in town.
And lastly, how's Cafe Atachfalaya?

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  1. Dante's Kitchen is quite good, especially for brunch. Wouldn't say it's better than Mat and Naddie's though. I really liked Cafe Atchafalaya when I went for dinner a while back. I would recommend it for sure.

    Not sure why you have Magazine St in your post title...Neither Dante's nor Atchafalaya are on Magazine.

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    1. re: gastrotect

      i was hoping for some recs from magazine

      1. re: Troika

        ...been to Mat and Naddie's twice recently. We concluded that they do meat better than seafood. Seafood wasn't bad, just not great. When we had the mushroom roulade and the rack of lamb, the meal was terrific. Nice wine list, though.

        Plenty to choose from on Magazine:
        Flaming Torch
        Bistro Daisy
        Le Petite Grocery

        ...and many more

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          Ah, my bad. Misunderstood what you were asking. It looks like hesaid covered it pretty good. I'd throw in Coquette too. I haven't been, but I've heard good things. Tacqueria Corona is a Magazine St spot I love.

          1. re: gastrotect

            You are so right...can't believe I forgot that one. We had a great meal there last month

      2. Coquette is on Magazine Street and it is in my top five restaurants. Try the bacon infused bourbon!

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        1. re: mortalcoil

          Coquette? Whats the closest cross street? Oh, and I have always wanted to try Daisy Bistro, what type of food do they serve , or if it's easier what restaurant is it comparable?

          1. re: Troika

            Coquette is at Magazine and Washington, used to be Takumi, and Table One before that.

            Bistro Daisy sample menu:

            1. re: uptownlibrarian

              Ah, I remember now. I have been to takumi when it was open. thanks.