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Sep 21, 2009 09:19 AM

New Jeff Corwin show Ext Cuisine

Just watched it the other night - Extreme Cuisine with Jeff Corwin.
After about 5 minutes of his making stupid faces and dumb jokes
I had to change the channel.
He was very insulting to the Greek woman trying to teach him about
Octopus and the other seafood they were serving.
Don't see much hope for this show.

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  1. The Food Network is just trying to piggyback off of Andrew Zimmern's fame.

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    1. re: attran99

      Agreed. It seems like almost every "new" Food Network show is just a copy of some other network's popular food show. I don't mind the Food Network, but it's just starting to get really annoying.

      I like Jeff Corwin when he does his nature show (the very few times I've seen it), but I agree with the original poster that at times, he seems to be disrespectful to the locals. Like in the Peru episode when he spit out some food into his hand when the cook wasn't looking or when he was wearing their traditional clothing and started talking like one of Santa's elves.

      On top of that, he seems to struggle when describing the food or how it's prepared. It's like a producer tells him what to say and then he says it trying to be the "expert". He obviously knows his animals/nature, but he's very unbelievable when it comes talking about food.

      I'll stick with Zimmern. Besides, this doesn't seem like a show that you're average FN viewer would be into.

      1. re: txram

        Who is your average FN vIewer?
        There are several FN shows I enjoy, some I watch, and alot that I can't change the channel fast enough for. This Jeff Corwin show is such a blatant rip-off of Bizarre Foods it's pathetic. He's been to the exact same spots with the exact same people eating the exact same things. This show falls into the catagory of I'll watch it if I absolutely can't find anything better on.

        1. re: chazmo

          I'm with you...I'm not one of those FN haters. I watch a lot of shows on the network, but there are a lot that I can't stand.

          It seems like all of the shows are geared towards pretty straight forward cooking with pretty mainstream ingredients...which again, is fine. Some hosts I can handle, others I can't.

          I just can't see the people who are really, really into Giada, Rachel Ray and Sandra Lee being very fond of a "bizarre foods" type show.

          I also agree with you that it "is such a blatant rip-off of Bizarre Foods it's pathetic." That's almost word for word what I said to my wife when I first watched it.

    2. I actually find Corwin's show refreshing in its lack of pretense. Yes, it's obviously a knock-off of "Bizarre Foods," but there's a long-standing tradition in television programming of aping what someone else does successfully. I actually like Corwin's goofy sense of humor and think he doesn't take himself terribly seriously. As often as not Zimmern's show is geared exclusively toward finding the food with the highest gross-out factor, with an almost transparently thin "let's understand the local culture through their food" patina that is typically just barely even lip service.

      Corwin is no more or less "disrepectful" than he was in his nature shows (which I also enjoyed). He is clownish, but I don't think it's at all in a demeaning way and I actually think he is often very successful at gaining a rapport with the shows' subjects (something I think Zimmern often doesn't do as well).

      There's much worse food programming out there in any event.

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      1. re: Frodnesor

        I have to agree with the other posters that Corwin looks & acts very uncomfortable. At least when he is talking about something he knows, like with animals, you can see he is comfortable in front of the camera. Even when guested on CSI:Miami years ago, he did okay because he was playing himself and didn't have to do anything really different. FN is asking him to go out on a limb, and to me it looks like he's ready to fall most of the time. His loud, in your face personality works on Animal Planet, not FN.

        What is going to happen when he travels to a local that eats species that he feels should not be?

        1. re: anniemax

          Waitaminite! Jeff Corwin beats out Guy Fieri for "loud and in your face"? Not in a million years, IMHO!

          I agree with Frodnesor, I actually find his show refreshing. He may not be as culinarily adept as Zimmern (nor does he profess to be) but I think he's likeable and quirky. I don't see disrespectful in him, just a bit childish.

          1. re: Honeychan

            I really like his show also - and in no way do I see disrespect in him. He seems to really enjoy interacting with the people on the show.

      2. I just watch his Pacific NW episode. He devotes the whole thing to seafood and fish, and about half the time with area Indian tribes. He got much more into the 'nature' side of the area food than either Tony or Andrew.

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        1. re: paulj

          Bourdain had lots more chef tattoos though.

        2. Agreed. I've watched several episodes, and it doesn't even matter to me whether it's a rip of or not...the guy is just TERRIBLE. He's always struggling for words and more often than not has that "deer in the headlights" look. I love waiting to hear what words come out of his mouth after he pops some food in. "That's............ delicious/perfect/incredible/ (fiil in other inane non-description)!"
          I never watched his nature show, so I had no understanding he was a big TV!

          1. I like the show. I think he's interesting, the areas he visits are interesting, and that he respects and develops a rapport with the people.

            Who cares if there is a similar show on another channel - the more the merrier.

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            1. re: Jeanne

              I like it too. I don't watch it regularly but I like it when I do. I think he comes across as just a nice, regular guy with no air of pretention or disdain (yes, I'm referring to Bourdain). And he's much nicer to look at than either Zimmern or Bourdain.