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Sep 21, 2009 09:03 AM

Bento supplies/boxes in town?

Looking for a place that will sell as big as possible a variety of both the little gadgets and such to make bento boxes as well as the boxes themselves. Any ideas for me? Anywhere around MA is fine. If the selection is good I'm happy to make a trek there.

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  1. I'm not sure what you mean by gadgets, but they sell more modern bento boxes at the store in the Kam Man 'mall' in Quincy. If you're looking for a nice traditional looking one (as used in Japanese restaurants), then I'm not sure where you can get them here. Never seen lacquered bento boxes here. If you're looking to make bentos for yourself or family, they have tons of cute or simple ones at the Kam Man store. Do note that bento boxes are not meant to be microwaved, so many are not necessarily microwave safe.

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      Thanks. I'll check that out. By gadgets I mean like the little punches that punch of faces from seaweed or the molds that cut hot dogs and things into cute shapes and pressed eggs to look like stars. Those sort of stuff.

      1. re: foxspirit

        Yeah, unfortunately, haven't seen those gadgets. Might want to try the new Japanese market in Brookline Village, or the new soon-to-be opened one in Medford Sq.

    2. There is a small selection of cute sushi making stuff/bento boxes at the Japanese gift shop in the Porter Square mall. I don't think they have the gadgets you are describing, though. I think has a lot of good stuff.

      1. Kam Man used to have a huge supply of Bento gadgets and boxes. Though they have a really limited supply right now (unless they restocked suddenly?). I usually end up buying my supplies online. Good luck!

        1. You can try on-line. Korin has a pretty good selection based on their web site:

          For molds and cutters, you should try and look for some cookie cutters that suit your needs.

          1. i have seen plastic red and black bento boxes in the housewares section of reliable market in union square somerville