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Sep 21, 2009 08:46 AM

Seeking Help for Thanksgiving Weekend in Savannah, Ga.

We are headed to Savannah for Thanksgiving fWeekend or 4 days (without kids) and need help. We are NYC foodies, so we are a bit spoiled. We need great food and presentation, good vibe, not touristy, not overpriced (but will pay if worth it), and unique to Savannah if possible. My research so far tells me Local 11 Ten Food & Wine, Elizabeth on 37th Street, Il Pasticcio and Cha Bella are the best out there. Am i on the right track? (I changed this post because the earlier one may have seemed i wanted to eat just thanksgiving dinner!)

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  1. It has been awhile since I was in Savannah, but I found a very different kind of place whose name had alligator in the title. I do not recall the exact name of the restaurant, but it had some of the most unusual (and unusual in a good way) food. The ambience was nothing special (it was in the basement of a building somewhere in the center of the city, and wasn't fine dining; but it wasn't a dive either). The seafood there was excellent, and the foods the chef paired it with.

    But be forewarned, this isn't your nice night out/white tablecloth place, but a mid-range establishment. It's definitely NOT NYC.

    I think I also ate at Il Pasticcio and I enjoyed it, if I recall correctly.

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      Also, what I recall was that the place was quirky. There was a bar upstairs with people who all seemed to know each other. Maybe a Savannah local can weigh in and help me remember the name of this place? And correct me if I am wrong about it being quite different yet good.

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        Thanks for responding SometimesSouthern. I hope a local can weigh in with some guidance!

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        Was it Alligator Soul? if so, there are many positive reviews of it on this board, although I haven't eaten there so can't vouch for it personally.

        To the OP, I have eaten at Garibaldi Cafe in Savannah and enjoyed it very much. Its a charming old building, with excellent service. Try the Shrimp Risotto Cake appetizer...out of this world!

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          Girabaldi looks awesome. I just checked out the website. I have added to the list and will see if they are opened for Thanksgiving.

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            Yes, it was Alligator Soul. Glad the locals weighed in to remember it. It was quirky and good.

        2. a local weighing in here. Elizabeth on 37th is a must. Relative new kid on the block in the fine dining category would be Noble Fare - they also have a web site. Highly recommend both.

          I've like Il Pasticcio the times I've eaten there. I second the reco on Alligator Soul - heavy on the NOLA influence, excellent food. Second also on Garibaldi's - their crispy scored flounder is a well-deserved signature dish.

          Take a ride to Tybee Island (+/- 20 minutes from downtown) to AJs for the freshest local seafood expertly prepared.

          The Express Deli/Bakery just south of Eliot Square on Barnard is great for breakfast and lunch. Roasted red pepper and warmed goat cheese sandwhich is an all-time favorite. Good local place, fresh and tasty food, it's been there a while.

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            Awesome recommendations. We have reservations for Elizabeth on 37th, Sapphire Grill, Local 11 and Cha Bella. I like the looks of Garibaldis but it is hard to tell which photos match which location on their website. If you wre me, which should i switch around?

            1. re: marbet815

              The first 2 pictures on the website are definitely Garibaldi...I'm not sure what the third interior picture is.

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                None of those are bad choices, and Garibaldi's or their sister Pink House are good choices as well.

                You mentioned "not over priced" above. With this lineup, your wallet will be significantly lighter, but that is the nature of dining at Savannah's nicer places.

                1. re: sarge

                  I am fine paying for food that is worth the price. i just dont want to pay a lot for a mediocre meal.

                2. re: marbet815

                  me, marbet, I would pick Garibaldi's and Noble Fare and ditch Sapphire and Cha Bella, . I've eaten at both and never had an overwhelming urge to try either a second time. That having been said, there are lots of good, decent, taxpaying folks who like those two places.

                  I haven't tried Local Ten 11 but it's probably a pretty decent pick, judging from everything I've heard.

                  Hope you have a great time in our beautiful city. I'd enjoy hearing back from you what you liked.

                  1. re: Buddha49

                    Right now i have plans at Sapphire, Local 10 and Elizabeths and am considering cha bella, girabaldis or drayton 700 for Thanksgiving because there are so few places that are open.