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Sep 21, 2009 08:44 AM

Trying to recreate dessert from Mythos

Ke Glyka Koutaliou, which is yogurt with honey and fruit in syrup. Where do I get super thick greek yogurt in MTL? And do I have to make my fruit or can I buy them somewhere? thanks!

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  1. Supermaché PA has a good, drained cow-goat yogurt. Thick enough to hold a spoon upright. In the Park Ave. store, it's stocked with the house tzatziki, taramasalata and dolmades next to the cheese section.

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    1. re: carswell

      Or at the deli counter at any Mourelatos, it's probably the same one PA carries (Skotidakis brand), this is what I always use to make tzatziki.

      Or the Labneh at Adonis.

    2. You can also try the "thick greek style" goat milk yogourt from Liberté, usually sold with organic dairy products. It comes in 500 mL containers, with a deep blue background. Probably widely available, I find it at IGA.

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        Thnaks for all the reply. Found everything at PA on Park.

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          For next time, you might want to try the homemade greek yogurt from Picadilly Bakery.

      2. May I also suggest you make your own; simply buy some good natural-style plain yogurt (& the fattier the better, or more authentic at least). Line a regular medium strainer with either a coffee filter/cheese cloth or even paper towels, dump yogurt in, place bowl under (very important!!), place in fridge. The whey will drip from yogurt & in about 6 hrs (or overnight) you'll have luscious creamy, thick Greek-style yogurt.

        1. Another solution... go to Adonis and buy their labneh - the one that is half goat's milk, half cow's. As for the fruit in syrup, some places actually sell the rose petal "jam" - but if you look on you'll probably find a perfect recipe. Petit Milos used to sell it, but, alas - looks as though I was the only one who bought it, so they're now out of business. Go into a Greek bakery on Park Ave - ask them where you can get it... You can find some cool stuff at Adonis - believe it or not ... just go through the aisles.

          1. You can probably find glyko tou koutaliou at Aphroditi bakery in Park Ex on St Roch st. It's also pretty easy to make yourself and you can use pretty much any fruit.