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Sep 21, 2009 07:53 AM

Good asian in Paris tonight?

Hi there! I've been traveling in Europe for a week, and I'm starting to get antsy for some Asian food. I've searched the boards, but couldn't really find a specific place to go. Chinese, Japanese, Thai, or Vietnamese would all be great. Any suggestions? I'm from Southern California, so something fairly authentic would be great.

Thanks! :)

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  1. I've become quite fond of Le Pacifique, 35 rue de Belleville. Steamed noodles, lotus sticky rice, etc., are correct. The quality varies a bit more than I'd like, though. Overall it's quite solid cantonese food.

    1. Shan Gout
      22, rue Hector Malo, 12th (Metro: Gare de Lyon)
      Closed Mondays
      A la carte about 30 €

      Lao Lane Xang 2
      102, Ave d’Ivry, 13th (Metro: Tolbiac)
      T: 01 58 89 00 00
      Closed Wednesdays
      Lunch menu 10,80 €, 20–25 € à la carte

      John Talbott (descriptions of the above at:

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        OK, so now I'm feeling guilty for being here in Paris and wanting Asian food that I can get in LA every single day. I'm here with a friend who has never been here before, and I would love for her to have a great Parisian experience. We went to Le Dome last night, which was lovely, serious French seafood - but we're looking for something lighter tonight, which is why I was originally thinking of Asian food. I've searched through the boards here, and frankly, I'm a little overwhelmed by all the choices!

        Something tasty, fun and lively would be great, and under 100 E per person. Thanks for any help you can give! :)

        1. re: heinous

          I wouldn't take someone who has never been to Paris before for Asian food. If you want lighter, what about someplace like Maceo which has some lovely vegetarian options that are not heavy? It is still a seriously Parisian place.

      2. Likafo for Cantonese, Yong for Szechuan, Lac Hong for high end Vietnamese, Sukothai for thai, Okamé for takeout Japanee

        Fancy Parisian Chinese are also interesting options in my opinion, but if you're looking for "authenticity", whatever that means, forget them (Chen, Tsé Yang, Tong Yen, Vong, Passy Mandarin)

        1. Hi went to a brilliant vietnamese in Paris the other week. Absolutely delicious food in 5e and ridiculously cheap. I cant remember what it was called there was a restaurant and a pho bar next door and you could sit outside. Totally delicious and I can't remember what it was called vv rrustrating near the Rue Dante and you approached it coming from Rue de Grand Degres. Worth going to and absolutley fab and very authentic

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            You might be referring to Aux Saveurs d'Indochine, on rue Dante, a tiny Viet spot. Quite decent, with low prices; "how do they pay the rent", I remember thinking.

          2. WE've talked before here about Le Pagodon in the 6th. There is no atmosphere here, but the food is quality Asian. the husband waits in the front, the wife cooks in the back. A fusion of Vietmamese and Chinese. Food is great, pricing low.

            21, Rue Grands Augustins
            75006 Paris, France
            +33 1 43 26 55 16