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Sep 21, 2009 07:49 AM

Ladies night out suggestion near Grove or Beverly Hilton

My best girl friend is coming in this weekend and we're doing ladies night out. Looking for a fun, nice place to eat near/at the Grove or near the Beverly Hilton. Looking to catch up and have fun. Would prefer not to break the bank, something moderate but fun.

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  1. Most of the places at the Grove are, IMO, a bit touristy--although, with your best girl and a few glasses of wine, any place can be fun! Just down the street on 3rd is AOC-great wine, small plates, bacon wrapped dates (need I say more?) Perfect for sitting at the bar or grabbing a table! I don't know the area around the Beverly Hilton very well-Trader Vics was my go-to place in that area, but, sadly, it's gone now. If you want to go to Beverly Blvd, still very near the Grove, there is a plethora of great restaurants to choose from-BLD, Cobras and Matadors (although a bit loud), Angelini, etc...

    1. Bev Ctr-Adjacent
      Sushi Roku
      Izaka-Ya by Katsu-Ya
      Chaya Brasserie

      Little Door

      1. Near the Grove, Terroni, Tasca and Cobras & Matador all good options.

        At the Grove, if you really prefer to do that for some reason, The Whisper Lounge actually makes it almost possible for you to forget you're in a mall.