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Recs for a casual dinner - Yonge & College

Hi all!

Husband and I are taking the subway into the city Saturday night for a much needed night away from the kids! Our eventual destination is Yonge & College to spend the evening with some friends but we would like a nice dinner first. We obviously wont have a car with us so nothing too out of the way but I'll defintely be fine with something close to the subway line.

All I'm looking for is some really good food. My husband, sadly, is happy as long as he has a beef/potato combination.

Thanks for any suggestions!

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  1. I'm not sure if this would work but Mercatto just open a place in the MaRS building at College and Elizabeth. They offer good pizza and pasta for just about anyone's taste.

    It would be a five min walk west on Yonge on Collge.


      1. I'm not sure if you would be willing to take subway to College and University and walk south-west a few blocks to Baldwin St..lots of interesting restaurants. eg La Bodega, Midi Bistro, Matahari Grill.
        You could check their websites for details.. and then it is a decent walk back to Yonge/College.
        Or walk south a couple of blocks from Yonge/College to Elm street..Adega, Oro eg are excellent but not sure of your price range?

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          I second Adega as well but it is more costly that Mercatto.

        2. I'd recommend Hornero's north of College on Yonge (just before Wellesley). The atmosphere is lovely, the food is consistent, and they make a mean Mojito. Enjoy your date night : )

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            I actually don't mind the food there, and yes the Mojito are tasty but the damp basement smell is such a turn off. Everytime I go there I feel like I'm in a cell of some sort.

          2. If it's a nice day out, then definitely second the suggestion for Mercatto. My boyfriend and I had dinner there a couple of weeks ago and loved it. We went late afternoon / early evening, sat on the lovely patio – great outdoor setting by grass and trees. Food was great too - mainly pasta, pizzas, but they also usually have a fish dish, steak dish and veal.

            1. There is not much at yonge and college. If you don't mind getting on the subway twice your options are much broader. Also depends how much you want to spend. You could easily walk to splendido from college park subway, or museum. mercatto is good but i wouldn't pick it for a special night out. and horneros.... definitely not. Fine for a casual dinner in a pinch but you can do way better.

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                i was turned off horneros as the only time i visited (as volo was packed), horneros was empty and they tried to sluff us off at some table near the back ( i guess it was easier to service there) but being near the bar, service area, kitchen and bathrooms was less than attractive to us as the window was as open as every other table in the place.

              2. I would eat at Solo Sushi Bekkan if I was in that area, although that wouldn't fly w/ your steak & potatoes husband.


                There's the new Queen & Beaver that is closer to Dundas, a very short walk from Yonge & College. This will probably appease your husband's tastes.


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                  Is Solo Sushi Bekkan going into the old Sinai Sushi spot across from the YMCA?

                2. I would walk a few blocks south and go to Elm St. Adgea is really nice.

                  1. Not sure itf it's quite what you're looking for with a meat and potato guy, but Volo is great!

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                    1. Thanks for the suggestions everyone! I'm think I'm going to go with either Mercatto or Adgea. Does any one feel strongly for either one? I'm defintely looking for something a little on the casual side but still with really good food and decent service.