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Sep 21, 2009 06:04 AM


Going to Roy`s this weekend, any recomadations on what to order, this will be my first time dinning there.

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  1. i hate to say this but we were in hawaii in july and much anticipated roy's dinner. ordered ono and sent it back uneaten. the fish was not cleaned properly and over cooked. awful meal very expensive. they were very nice comped the dish for us but would not go there again. which roy's are you visiting ?

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      Thanks for the input, roy`s in baltimore, around the corner from james joyce where i eat at least every two weeks. Roy`s is always crowded, thought i would give it a try..

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        Going to Roy's in Hawaii is a waste. I've had acceptable meals at Roy's locations (and a few disappointments) - mostly for business, but I'd never consider going while in Hawaii.

        1. re: ferret

          maybe but the first time we went the food was incredible. the next was to recreate that memory and we were terribly disappointed.

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          What island were you visiting? Generally, mainland Roy's is not as good as island venues and different islands rate differently. Oahu Roy's are better than the one here on Kauai.

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            the big island roy's. seriously i would not consider going there anymore. the food was so disappointing.

        3. The blackened island ahi for an entree and the chocolate souffle for dessert are my favorites. I have gotten them at various Roy's locations, and they are consistently delicious. The ahi has some spice from the wasabi, but you can control the heat. Enjoy!

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            Definitely the chocolate molten lava/souffle.