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Sep 21, 2009 05:57 AM

Suggestions for Alsace?

I'll be in Alsace for a couple days in early October. I'd really appreciate any ideas for foods to look for, or specific restaurants. Plans are still up in the air. I'll certainly spend some time in Strasbourg, but I'd be willing to travel for the right meal. Does anyone know of any seasonal specialties to search out?


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  1. I visited Strasbourg several times while I was stationed in Germany, in fact, it's probably my favorite destination in Europe- I just really, really loved it.

    Two restaurants to reccomend- Le Crocodile for high end, and Chez Yvonne for a more rustic touch. Both were delicious and just great experiences. Chez Yvonne is more of a wien stub, and IIRC, it's tucked away a bit off the cathedral square. Last time I was there had quail stuffed w/ foie gras. Not a lot of English-spoken, but the folks are friendly and just give you a quick head shake and pursed lips if you try to order the wrong wine. Then you just need to look confused and helpless and they'll bring you out something great, works for me every time. Le Crocodile is even easier- just order the tasting menu, have the sommelier pair the wines and then sit back for three hours and eat!

    For regional specialities- there are two that stick out in my mind. The tarte flambe and the the tarte l'oignion. Tarte flambe is like a thin (very thin) crust pizza w/ onions, bacon (thick cut, can't recall the exact name) and creme fresh. Very good, but I love the tarte l'oignion so much more. Basically a quiche w/ tons of sweet, caramelized onions.

    If you're driving around the area I'd reccomend a stop in Riquewihr, specifically for wine tasting at the Hugel shop. Wonderful wines and very accommodating. Have fun!

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      I've given some of my favourite places in Strasbourg in this recent topic:

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        Thanks for the advice!

        The tasting menu at Le Crocodile sounds great. I'll be traveling alone, though. How do you think they'll respond to a solo diner? Is there a bar or something I can sit at alone?

        The tartes sounds great too!

        I'm very excited about the wines!


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          Here are my thoughts on Alsace too:

          You will not have any problems eating alone (did so when I went), and no, at Michelin 2 star places no one sits at the bar to eat (Atelier Joel Robuchon in Paris being the exception).

          I have not been to Crocodile since 2003 but will likely not return. My dinner there was just uninspired and the prices are very high. See my post, there are a number of much better high end restaurants in Alsace. For traditional stuff Auberge de l'Ill blows Crocodile away while l'Arnsbourg is one of the most inventive in the world. Also recently read the Emil Jung is retiring and turning Crocodile over to someone else.

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            While I haven't been to Le Crocodile, I have never had a problem (nor a raised eyebrow) when dinong solo at a fancy restaurant. I wouldn't sit at the bar there.

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            One of the best meals I had in France was at the Auberge De L'Ill
            Illhausen (ribreauville)