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Sep 21, 2009 05:35 AM

Campion juicer

From the little I have read the Champion juicer is the juicer of choose. I would like a little imput before I Make a decision. I also would like opinions on what are the best books for juicer recipes.

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  1. I went ahead and splurged on one for my wife a couple of years ago. I end up using it the most. It has performed like the workhorse I expected for the price, only once having an issue when I used whole stalks of celery (noob move) and the fibers wound around the teeth. It made five gallons of apple juice last fall to make a hard cider and it didn't have any issues. I would give it top rating.

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      Do you have to peel lemons and oranges?
      Dear lord. In America, they go for less that £140. In the UK, they're £300!

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        The zest is good of course, but the pith would give you a very bitter juice. Seeds would be screened out for the most part in the lemons and oranges, maybe a little extra fiber. Apple seeds aren't generally recommended to juice.

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          I've been juicing my apples with the seeds, mostly in a Champion, since 1988. I retired that Champion (the industrial model, which I highly recommend) for a Norwalk last spring and continue to juice apple seeds. The trace amounts of cyanide are harmless when consumed with their host.
          Don't even be tempted by twin-gear juicers from Asia--go for a Champion. Mine still runs fine after all these years and the quality of juice is excellent. You can also squeeze the pulp through a nut milk bag and add it to the rest of the juice.

    2. I neglected to mention juicing books I like that contain recipes. One is by Stephen Blauer and is called The Juicing Book. The other, which is kind of a juicing bible, is by Norman Walker; it's called Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Juices (what's missing in your body) and contains detailed information about many juices and the combinations that can be used to treat specific conditions. Both are carried by Amazon and are quite inexpensive.