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Sep 21, 2009 05:00 AM

Restos in/ near La petite patrie'

We are visting Montreal and will be staying in this nabe. Any nice dinner recs nearby?

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  1. Le Jolifou is one of our favourite restaurants in that area.

      1. Depends where you are actually staying; can you be a bit more specific without providing your address?

        The far west of Petite Patrie is Little Italy (Petite Italie - Piccola Italia) and Jean-Talon Market is actually located in Petite Patrie though just across the street is southwestern Villeray (and le Petit Alep). Technically, even Nhu Y, a very nice byow Vietnamese place, is in the extreme far west of Petite Patrie, before the railway viaduct to Parc-Extension.

        Perhaps more central is the neighbourhood is the southwestern French restaurant Le Jurançon: - when I ate there it was very good, but that was 3 years ago. Has anyone eaten there recently?

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          I ate at Jurançon last summer and was not impressed. Not bad, but very average technique, presentation and ingredients--nothing to write home about--and very slow service. Based on my visit, not at all in the same category as Jolifou or Madre (both of which are great recos).

          1. re: lagatta

            We will be right near here:

            400, Beaubien Est, Montréal (Québec)
            (angle Saint-Denis, métro Beaubien)

            1. re: AprilVT

              That helps a lot. Some would consider you at the southwestern limit of La Petite Italie, some would say you are just south of it. You can walk anywhere there or to Jean-Talon market - a very short walk. And you have a very good Vietnamese restaurant right around the corner -Pho Tay Ho - On St-Denis, southwest corner of St-Denis and Beaubien.

              Just on Beaubien walking west towards St-Laurent (a few short blocks) you will find a good Moroccan resto -Mogador - and cute little Mexican Itacate. And hey, you are practically IN the métro, so you can get to anywhere with a métro stop nearby.

              And Nhu Y, the good hole-in-the-wall Vietnamese is also eminently walkable, a bit north and east. The many south Asian restos in Parc Extension are a bit farther west - still walkable though you could also take the métro up to Jean-Talon and west to Parc or Acadie, depending on where your chosen resto is.

              Lots of us recommend Le Petit Alep just across from Jean-Talon Market, but there are reasons. It is good, dependable, has a modern neighbourhood vibe and while it is pricier than before, remains affordable. A simple walk north from your place, and a couple of streets west (corner Jean-Talon and de Gaspé).

              1. re: lagatta

                Thanks so much! I am printing this out. We were thinking of trying "Alep" on Fri nite, and Jolifou the next. Lunch could be at one of these vietnamese places, love vietnamese! Wish we had more time to eat.

                1. re: AprilVT

                  Both of them are good: Nhu Y is a tiny place run by a couple, Pho Tay Ho is larger and more bustling - most clients are Vietnamese (or at least from that part of the world). It is just opposite St-Denis from where you are staying.

                  But I happened to walk past 400 Beaubien Est, and it is a "floating baths" place - guess the rental aparts must be above that. The métro station couldn't be any closer. You can walk to Jolifou, but you might want to take the métro or the bus - the bus right there, the 18, eastbound. That is certainly walkable, but a bit of a walk - depends how you feel.