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Sep 21, 2009 04:46 AM

Indianapolis for conference.....recomendations?

I am in Fishers (but I like to drive) for a conference this weekend. I will have lunch free on Saturday. Is there an good place anywhere near to eat? I am something of an adventurous eater and nothing is off the table from pizza to Ethiopian, haute cuisine to can't-miss-diners/dives/drive-ins. Come on, midwest! Hook a fellah up!

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  1. Shapiro's Delicatessan. Over 100 years in Indianapolis and the finest corn beef or pastrami sandwiches in America, voted so by USAToday. Seating for over 2 hundred. Incredible European style pastries. A Midwest Institution ...

    Across from the new football stadium on South Meridian. Also a northside store in Carmel and an outpost at the airport.

    1. For pizza, Bazbeaux's. So good.

      And then look at this thread:

      Lots of great recommendations.

      1. Wound up going to Euphoria, but forgot they didn't serve lunch. Wound up at Creation Cafe. Decent grilled portabella mushroom sandwich, could have stood a good aioli or spicy sauce of some sort, but decent. Had the chili too. Good flavor, nice heat, liked the Angus steak bits, could have done without the corn bread. A bit like gilding the lily if you ask me. Had the artichoke and Parmesan dip: great Parmesan flavor no.... to little, artichoke flavor. Had the Creme Brulee gelato as an afterthought, boy was I glad. Was the highlight of the meal. The atmosphere is the kind of shabby chic / bohemian that appeals to me, so I could have hung out there all day if I hadn't had to catch a plane. Solid Coffee, and good service.