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Sep 21, 2009 12:15 AM

Where to go?

Anniversary time is coming up -- next weekend to be exact. Have resies at Mozza but saw recent reviews of saltiness and am concerned (been to Lupa and had a similar problem there).

Been doing a search, nothing really grabs me. Anywhere in LA is good including the West Side. Ruling out Providence as I'm not a huge fan of seafood. Been to Grace, Lucques, Jar, Palate, Animal -- looking for that caliber (but more romantic than Animal).


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  1. You could just ask them to hold back on the salt? I liked it there, at the Pizzeria though. Although I do remember something being slightly salty, I did enjoy my food. You could go to Campanile. I like their food also. It's not salty. I am not sure though what really creates romance at a restaurant . . . so I'll leave that to others . . .

      1. Providence is still really great even for non-seafood items: Fois gras dishes, pork belly, duck and most especially,
        italian black summer truffles (scorzone) served with pasta alla chitarra, risotto or scrambled eggs!
        Yum! And Happy Anni!