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Sep 20, 2009 08:00 PM

Dim Sum!!

There's this new dim sum place that opened fairly recently. It's right by Hongkong supermarket. Its a park of panda king buffet, but in its own little area to the right of it. I went with some friends at 2pm last weekend, but most of their things were sold out. The flavor was the best i could find in new orleans, and some of the dishes were comparable to dim sum in houston.

my only advice to those who want to try the place is to go early. I think dim sum starts at 11 every weekend, so be prompt.

For those who have tried it, what did y'all think?

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  1. Hey, you just made my week. Tell me sit separate from the buffet? How is it served? Carts? Picture menu? Passed trays? I'm so going there next weekend!

    1. ...looking for Dim Sum on the WB tomorrow. Open for lunch during the week, I presume?

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      1. re: hesaid_nola

        I think it may be only open on weekends. It's in a different room than the buffet so it is essentially its own restaurant, with the same owner i believe. It's served by carts. The best thing is that the people with the carts are pretty helpful if you don't know what some of the stuff is. In my opinion, the better of the two dim sum choices in the area, with the other being Royal China.

      2. It is served by carts on the weekends, but you can also order it from menu on any other day and it's made to order.

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          really? that's great news. I thought it was just a weekend thing.

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              Thx for the link---I'm very happy about the rice in lotus leaf w/pork. One of my absolute faves...

              1. re: Hungry Celeste

                there's the cart service as well as a serve- yourself station ('dim sum' from carts only) with large-batch and noodle dishes ( and some veg. ?). I thought it was Sat./Sun. only.

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                Update: Tried to get some today. Panda King fine dining is NOT open for lunch on weekdays, and the dim sum is therefore not available. My understanding is that you can order it off the menu during the week for dinner, and via the cart on weekends.

          1. any vegetarian choices in the dim sum menu?