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Sep 20, 2009 07:59 PM

Interesting way to use honey?

I've always wondered if there was an interesting way to use honey since I generally only see people use it as a sweetener or for peanut butter and honey sandwiches. Do any of you have an interesting recipe that features honey instead of using it simply as an accent?

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  1. I recently had some fresh figs around that I roasted in the oven and then served with yogurt, honey, and cinnamon for breakfast. Delicious. I suppose you could consider honey simply a sweetener for that dish, but it did contribute a certain amount of flavor that something like sugar just wouldn't have had.
    Also - Have you seen those flavored honey straws they sell? I used to get them at the local farmers' market - probably sweeter than I could handle now, but how better to feature honey than to eat it straight?

    1. This recipe for curried cauliflower soup has honey drizzled over it when served. It is delicious. The sweetness of the honey meshes nicely with the spices. (I may have tweaked it a little when I made it, but don't have my notes with me!)

      1. I made honey ice cream from Alice Medrich'sPure Dessert and it turned out great.

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        1. I can't eat cane sugar so I have substituted honey for sugar when making brittle - it was very good. Honey mac nut yum.....
          On the savory side, salad dresssings are a great use.... as is honey sesame chicken.I will use honey - or agave for almost anything that doesn't require the grain of sugar to do its job - throw it in your bbq sauce when you make it . Or in a marinade

          1. Simply drizzled over greek yogurt.

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