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Interesting way to use honey?

I've always wondered if there was an interesting way to use honey since I generally only see people use it as a sweetener or for peanut butter and honey sandwiches. Do any of you have an interesting recipe that features honey instead of using it simply as an accent?

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  1. I recently had some fresh figs around that I roasted in the oven and then served with yogurt, honey, and cinnamon for breakfast. Delicious. I suppose you could consider honey simply a sweetener for that dish, but it did contribute a certain amount of flavor that something like sugar just wouldn't have had.
    Also - Have you seen those flavored honey straws they sell? I used to get them at the local farmers' market - probably sweeter than I could handle now, but how better to feature honey than to eat it straight?

    1. This recipe for curried cauliflower soup has honey drizzled over it when served. It is delicious. The sweetness of the honey meshes nicely with the spices. (I may have tweaked it a little when I made it, but don't have my notes with me!)


      1. I made honey ice cream from Alice Medrich'sPure Dessert and it turned out great.

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        1. I can't eat cane sugar so I have substituted honey for sugar when making brittle - it was very good. Honey mac nut yum.....
          On the savory side, salad dresssings are a great use.... as is honey sesame chicken.I will use honey - or agave for almost anything that doesn't require the grain of sugar to do its job - throw it in your bbq sauce when you make it . Or in a marinade

          1. Simply drizzled over greek yogurt.

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            1. I use it to marinate chicken or lamb with Moroccan spices and also in tagines and casseroles.

              1. dilute honey in 1/4 rice wine 3/4 water, add crushed ginger and tiny bit of sesame oil (adjust portion to amount you'll prepare) . use this to very slowly braise 'pre-browned' pork short ribs. garnish with green onions. serve with chutney and rice.

                1. Roast leg of lamb with honey and soy. then slice thin and serve in a thai red curry over rice.

                  1. Delicious as a drizzle over a slice of blue cheese...

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                      Also drizzled over small chunks of parmesan cheese.....

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                        oooh oooh and add a slice of pear for incredible deliciousness!

                      2. I made a honey caramel. So easy!!

                        1/2 cup local honey
                        1 cup heavy cream


                        1. Heat the cream until very hot.
                        2. Put honey in a deep pot on medium high heat for about 5 to 8 minutes, until the honey turns a deep rich brown. Once it looks dark enough, slowly add the hot cream. Be careful, as it will spatter a lot.
                        3. Stir continuously until the sauce reaches its desired thickness (remember it will thicken more as it cools), then pour into a clean jar and let cool. Put whatever you don’t use in the fridge; it keeps for quite a long time.

                        if your milk isn’t the right temperature and the caramel goes lumpy, simply cool it, and blend in the blender until it returns to a smooth consistency. Then continue to thicken on the stove.

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                          does this taste like honey? or like normal caramel?

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                            lol, it tastes like a honey caramel. More like honey, but its still good!!

                        2. I guess you would call this an "accent", but I always put some in my chicken salad. All the old time German delis did this, it was their big secret.

                          1. I make a honey-miso salad dressing. It's also good on steamed vegetables.

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                              We used to do this at the restaurant (served with tuna) but called it "miso-honey". As in, me love you long time.

                            2. I sometimes use the Frugal Gourmet's "recipe" for a basting marinade for roast chicken: equal parts roasted sesame oil, soy sauce, and honey. Rub or brush it all over the raw chicken and baste with more while it roasts. Makes a deep brown, crisp, and flavorful skin.

                              In the current thread on poached pears, I posted my mixed fruit compote with honey, cider, and Tokaji Aszu.

                              1. Cube some feta, drizzle on a bit of olive oil and some oregano & thyme, and bake it. While the cheese is baking, gently heat honey with rosemary sprigs in a small saucepan. Pour infused honey over baked feta. Very good.

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                                  What a fascinating idea! I'm going to have to experiment with that. Part of me wonders what roasted veggie you could tuck under the feta for contrast/nutrition. Hmmm.

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                                    Love the idea, looking forward to your report!

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                                      Sounds good, but how do you serve the feta?

                                2. Divine peach pie smoothie: 4-5 peach slices, honey to your taste, 1 tsp cinnamon, 4 Nilla wafers, frozen vanilla yogurt or low fat ice cream; add milk if it's too thick, more ice cream if it's too thin.

                                  1. last night i made a spicy tomato sauce and it was way to spicy even for my tastes - i drizzled in some honey to give it a more rounded balanced sweetness as opposed to the intense sweet sugar usually brings. worked out very well!

                                    1. I love using honey as a dip for chicken wings, especially if they are baked in the oven and the fat is still a little sticky.

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                                        This isn't a cooking idea but we us honey for severe coughs and colds. 1 T.honey, 1/4 t. cinnamon, warm in the microwave, stir and drink. Stops an annoying cough and gives cold relief. My grandkids ask for it whenever they get a cold. I usually put a couple drops of water in b4 heating so it's a little thinner to drink.

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                                          My Mom would make us hot water, with lemon, honey and a drop of whiskey. Hey that's my Mom for you!

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                                            Nice! Do you use buckwheat honey? There is evidence that buckwheat honey before bedtime is as effective as cough medicine for children. I like the idea of warming it with cinnamon, I'll try that next time I give it to my little one :)

                                        2. I used it before to make honey and lemon buttercream. It was good, but omitting the lemon might be better depending on what cake you use the frosting on.

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                                            Oh yeah, that reminds me of my love for the honey buttercream from the Cake Bible...

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                                              Yes, that's where I got it from. I like it a lot and would like to try a honey lavender one in the future. The lemon variation was ok but not great.

                                          2. I BBQ pork ribs "Dry"...No finishing Sauce...However, sometimes I enjoy a rib or two brushed with honey ....Sweet & Smokey..


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                                              Add a 1/4 cup of Honey to a pot of boiling water , prior to adding my Homemade bagels. Adds just a hint of sweetness.

                                            2. Recently in Frankfurt, my husband had raviolis filled with goat cheese and drizzled with honey, melted butter and fried sage leaves. Sublime.

                                              1. This morning I had apples and honey for breakfast. Simply sliced apples dipped in manuka honey.

                                                I keep a jar of local honey in my cabinet for burns. Works great.

                                                If you love honey, it goes well with everything.

                                                1. I'm going to make krupnikas (honey liqueur) for Christmas gifts: http://www.slashfood.com/2009/04/16/a...

                                                  1. I make pork chops in a honey orange sauce. Sear the chops in butter then remove. Add fresh orange juice and honey (I don't measure), some tarragon and black pepper, more butter if needed, and reduce. Add the chops back in until they are cooked to your liking, spooning the sauce over them as they cook. Serve over egg noodles with your favorite veggie.

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                                                      I have a *very* similar recipe using OJ and honey except it involves a pork roast and herbes de provence. I use EVOO instead of butter with very good results.

                                                    2. I like ginger-honey chicken - dry rub chicken pieces with ginger powder, s&p before cooking in skillet or broiler. When almost done, brush with honey and cook until honey starts to burn on the pan (just a minute or two).

                                                      Crispy Honey Duck is another similar favorite - dry rub duck with s&p, lavender and thyme before cooking as you would normally for crispy duck, but 5 minutes before finishing time, brush with honey and turn up the temp in the oven to cook until crispy.

                                                      As a quick snack or breakfast, whole wheat toast topped with ricotta and drizzled with honey is surprisingly good. For dessert, we'll often have nuts dipped in honey - almonds and walnuts are the best choices. Just dip the nut in a small bowl of honey and eat! Messy but delicious and protein-packed.

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                                                        Oh, I also like to use it as raw granola glue. Rolled oats, raisins, almonds mixed together, chop half an apple into bite-sized pieces, and pour honey over the whole thing, mixing as you go, until everything's stuck together in clumps (i.e. no dry oatmeal hanging out at the bottom of the bowl.) I used to have this for breakfast almost every day - you can sub in any dried fruit or nut you prefer to change it up.

                                                      2. Mix honey with chile powder, garlic powder, and a little salt and brush on bacon before baking in oven. Halfway thru cooking turn bacon and brush with honey mixture again.

                                                        1. " Interesting way to use honey?"

                                                          My wife has allergies at this time of year and had me take her to the apiary up the road for "local honey therapy" which seems to have helped. This has been discussed in other threads here.

                                                          In checking this out, I came upon this very interesting document:


                                                          We are fortunate in having available raw, unpasteurised honey, either in comb or liquid, which apparently yields the medical benefits listed above.

                                                          From my reading I guess we should keep a jar in both the pantry and the medicine cabinet.

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                                                            We do this too. It's helped quite a bit.

                                                          2. I LOVE honey roasted or steamed carrots!

                                                            1. While not exactly home cooking, I take a honey bath a few times a week by using about 1/2-3/4c in a tub. Relaxing and great for smoothing and clarifying the skin.

                                                              1. could always brew some mead