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Ritter Sport - coconut - downtown Toronto?

Hi All,

Does anyone know where to find coconut or the rum-soaked raisins and hazelnut pieces ritter sport chocolate bars in the downtown Toronto area? I've visited a few chain grocery stores and retail outlets and have left disappointed. These two flavors aren't always available.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. I noticed Pusateri's had a large selection of Ritter bars, but I didn't look to see which varieties they had. I was in the one on Bay and the display is near the Yorkville exit, past the cashiers.

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      I too, have been looking for the Ritters Coconut..glad you posted..I'll step up my search...

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        thank's all... I visited Pusateri's two weeks ago and unfortunately they don't have it there :(...if anyone's interested Cocao Camino now has a coconut chocolate bar ... it's 65% coca dark chocolate... a bit too bitter for me but otherwise quite good

    2. Shoppers carries a wide selection - try the one at Yonge/King or Peter/King.

      1. I've seen the raisin/hazelnut bars at Reither's deli on Church Street. They have a full-size Ritter Sport display with a lot of varieties. I can't say I've ever seen the coconut though, there or anywhere else.

        1. The Loblaws at Queens Quay has a good selection of the Ritter bars, and I'm pretty sure I've seen coconut (not sure about the rum-raisin).

          1. i am friendly with the importers of Ritter
            i will check and post on the board where it is available

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              that would be great Itzi.

              I thought I was the only one looking for Ritters coconut... I haven't seen it since last summer. Thanks for asking the question.

            2. They sometimes have more unusual Ritter sport flavours at the Vince's on Bloor St. W (in between Royal York and Islington). I bought white chocolate/blood orange (a Europe-only flavour AFAIK) and coconut there in the summer, but haven't been in about 3 months so I'm not sure what they've got on hand right now. I feel like coconut often goes through disappearing phases.

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                I just checked... Vince's does not have the coconut or the rum raisin flavours.

              2. Ritter coconut is one of my faves as well. I planned on stocking up on them while I was in Europe this summer but I could not find the coconut version anywhere! It is no longer listed on the Ritter website either so I think it may be out of production or discontinued.

                1. Reither's on Church south of Wellesley (as mentioned by Simple pie man). I'll look for the coconut today since I'm going there. You are interested in the hazelnut pieces rather than the whole hazelnuts? I've bought the latter there ... I may have bought the rum-raisin there too. Metro (nee Dominion) in College Park used to have a large selection . . . don't know if they still do.

                  1. I just saw a stash of the coconut Ritter's in the quickie mart at the corner of Simcoe and Richmond/Nelson. It's in the base of the condo complex with the Tim Horton's.

                    1. sorry Mango - none of those are at Reither's . . . there's a raisin and chopped hazelnut (mixed) but no rum soaked raisin . . . and the hazelnut bars are the whole nut (avail in dark and milk).

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                        Sobeys @ spadina/front has these bars at their checkout.

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                          Rabbit: unfortunately they didn't have them at the quickie mart .

                          I suppose both kinds have been discontinued or no longer available in Canada.

                      2. Word from Husky importers is that The Ritter Head office in Germany wont supply Canada coconut Ritter due to the fact that the product cant be made from fresh products without using too many preservatives and they are concerned about the quality of their products. So we will not be getting Ritter coconut , along with a few other flavors . They even suggest we e mail Ritter in Germany to request these products

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                          I was at a Longo's promo a few weeks ago and that's what I was told as well, the coconut was discontinued. If the product wasn't high quality, I wouldn't want to eat it either, so it's best they did discontinue it. Hopefully, they can find a way to bring an improved coconut back.