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Sep 20, 2009 07:14 PM

Baker's Cheese- Where Can I Find This In Los Angeles?

Hi All!

Anyone know where I can find "Baker's Cheese" in Los Angeles? Alpine Village carries Farmer's Cheese for an outrageous price but its not Baker's Cheese. So if you're a Cheesecake baker and use Baker's Cheese in L.A., where do you buy it, please???? Thanks!

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  1. I have gotten farmers cheese at Super King on San Fernando for about $4 a pound. It makes the best blintze filling (far better than drained cottage cheese) so this may give you what you need.

    If that's too far east, try Jon's on La Brea or Elat Market on Pico. Haven't looked for it there myself, but their product lines are close.

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      Jons on La Brea DOES have farmer's cheese and other similar in style, Another place that had some was Figueroa Produce in Highland Park... but I do not EXACTLY recall what brands... sorry!

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        I think farmer's cheese is different from Baker's cheese. no?

      2. The original comment has been removed