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Sep 20, 2009 06:55 PM

MSP Que Nha Vietnamese Restaurant on University Ave St Paul - still there?

A while back, I heard that they were moving - I haven't been in that general vicinity in a while but love some of their dishes - flavors and complexity beat some of the other places on that street hands down. Does anyone know if they are still operating in that strip mall on University across from Tai Hoa?

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  1. Que Nha seems to still be there - I noticed their lighted sign as I drove by on my way to Ngon the other night. I've had uneven luck at Que Nha (mostly flaky service), so I haven't been there lately, but your post reminds me that I should give it another try.

    University Ave: So many Vietnamese restaurants, so little time...


    1. Still there...still serving very tasty, fresh food at reasonable prices.

      1. I think this is the place where you can order do-it-yourself spring rolls (the fresh ones). *So* much fun! I spent the next 8 months scouring local and online groceries until I found the same plastic mesh trays and now make them at home. Family and friends absolutely rave about this.