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good eats in Newtown?

Grew up in the area and have not found one restaurant that I can recommend. Work in the city and nothing here seems to compare. Any suggestions?

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  1. I agree for the most part but recently heard good things about Basil Leaf and have now eaten there twice. Very good with very different types of Thai/Vietnamese/French entrees. Reasonable $ ...and BYO.

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      First visit to Basil Leaf this past weekend. There's not much French about it. I'd call it modified Vietnamese. Very good food at reasonable prices. On a Saturday night, however, the dining room was full and the staff very overtaxed. Service was, unfortunately, very slow...our apps came out quickly, but phos and mains took nearly 45 minutes and required some gentle prompting of management.

    2. In Edgemont, which I believe is a few towns over, there is a thai/indian restaurant that is called Spice. It is located next to Genaurdis in the strip shopping center that is in front of the Edgmont Regal theaters (right on rt. 3). I have never been there for dinner but frequent the place for lunch at least once every 1 to 2 weeks. It is a BYOB that is two stores down from a state store and has a fixed price lunch where you combine soup, app., and entree for 11 dollars. I only order from the Indian half of the menu as I will go to La Na for thai lunch located in Media.

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        I think that's Newtown Square you're referring to, not Newtown.

      2. I tend to agree with you, Bucks is generally a dining wasteland. I prefer dining in the city too, but I have a few favorites in the area. Not in Newtown, but nearby is Indian Garden in Yardley (Giant Shopping Center). Reasonable, yummy, and BYOB. I also really like Mi-Rim on Woodbourne Road near Oxford Valley Mall for Korean food. I think the best pizza in Bucks County is at La Villa in Morrisville -- excellent, crispy crust Trenton-style tomato pies. You can also venture into Trenton for good Guatemalan, but that's getting even farther from Newtown.

        Have you been to Rouget? I hear good things about it but haven't made it there yet.

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          I agree - La Villa has the best thin crust pizza around. Went there with some buddies for lunch April '10. Took my wife about a week later for an early saturday dinner. Now I have to stay late at work twice a month to bring home pizza for her she loves it so much.

          AS for Rouget, I have been there many times. It is good food. Problem is there menu is not on the internet and since I have diet restrictions I follow many times I find they have only one item I will order. My wife likes the menu and so do my family who I have brought there for my birthday dinner more than once. Plus we go there the night after Thanksgiving. Can be crowded at times. We usually go in the fall and winter. Although the glassed in porch looks very attractive we avoid it for two reasosn - In cold weather you really feal the cold and it can be noisy as hell. One night we sat there and there was a party of six women with too much wine and too much to talk about at the top of their lungs. We have never sat in that section again. The food is good.

          2 Swamp Road, Newtown, PA 18940

        2. Have had several good meals at Vecchia Osteria (BYO) on Newtown-Richboro Rd. Also recommend Rouget.

          1. I lived in Newtown for most of my life and can't say that there are any particular restaurants that stand out to me. If you want "different" and better food, drive the 15 minutes to New Hope or drive the 45 minutes to Philly.

            1. You have never been to Rouget? Craig Laban gave it a thumbs up!

              Or Florentino's? Both are BYOB



              1. Went to Basil Leaf on Friday and the food was very good -- authentic and reasonably priced. Enjoyed Lobster Spring Rolls, Bun (noodle bowl) with curry chicken, and coconut crepes stuffed with beef and shrimp. Next time we're getting take out... the service was pretty terrible. I don't blame the high school kids running the dining room, but that's what you get when you hire high school kids to run the dining room. Also the menu says they charge a $5 corkage fee per bottle of wine, but we were not charged. Menu also claims to change every 4 months, and use local ingredients when possible.

                1. Ota Ya Japanese has never disappointed me. I haven't been in a while so I hope it ts still there. Otherwise, venture out to New Hope, Doylestown or Lambertville.


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                    I would recommend Rouget. We had a baby shower there for my sister-in-law and everything was just great. Everyone had nice things to say about the place. They're open for breakfast also.

                  2. A coworker was saying good things about Palate - any thoughts?

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                      We have not yet been but the chef at Palate was the sou chef at The Blue Bottle Cafe in Hopewell which is one of our top five in NJ.
                      Owner of Blue Bottle told us to get to Palate, we would not be disappointed.
                      We're hoping to get there in the next couple of weeks.