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Sep 20, 2009 05:22 PM

Central 214 Featured on Oxygen Channel

Just a heads up.

I've never dined at this restaurant, so I can offer no review on the food there. However, Oxygen Channel is featuring a series about Chef Blythe Beck and her staff at Central 214. Titled, "The Naughty Kitchen with Chef Blythe Beck", it premieres on 9/22 at 9pm. I've seen a couple posts about the restaurant, although nothing particularly noteworthy. For those who have dined there before, what were your impressions?

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  1. LSU, I can say that I haven't dined at Central 214, but I did dine at Hector's a few years back when Blythe was in the kitchen there. The food she produced at Hectors was very good. We had the pork belly apptezier that wasn't on the menu and it was served with a reduced cherry sauce. It was awesome. I then had the Halibut and the seared crust was amazing. The fish was moist and the crust was crunchy, but not bready and I inquired with the waiter how they did it. Blythe came out of the kitchen and shared her secrets with us. It was a surprise and I have almost duplicated it in my own kitchen. I have since had very mixed experiences at Hector's. My belief is if she stays in the kitchen at Central, it will be a nice play to go. If she gets caught up with the tv glam, it will just be another restaurant next to many others.

    1. The show is just another stupid reality show. It's not informative and entertaining like "Gordon Ramsey F-word". It's more vapid and silly like a "Keeping up w/the Kardashians". I find the food to be absent of clean flavors and textures (why deep fry lobster) and excessive in fat. Just my personal opinion.