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Sep 20, 2009 04:56 PM

Christmas in Charleston, Brunch?

Hello fellow Chowhounds-
We will be spending Christmas in Charleston, SC this year (12/24-12/30) and we will have a large crew with us. There will be 2 adult couples, a grandmother, a teenager, tween triplets, a 5 year old and a 2 1/2 year old. We have a rental house on Foley Island, but would like suggestions from the Chow Community on places that will be good to eat, but satisfy this diverse group. Also, we were wondering if there were any suggestions about a brunch place for Christmas Day. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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  1. I recommend Mustard Seed on Maybank. The menu is diverse and provides something for every taste. There are tons of fine dining spots in downtown Charleston.

    Many restaurants are closed on Christmas Day, with theexception of Chinese take out.

    1. My gut (or is that my stomach:-}) tells me brunch on Christmas Day may be hard to come by. Many of the upscale restaurants do Christmas "dinner" (in the South dinner is the noon time meal; supper is the evening meal).

      I know several of the restaurants out on James/John's Islands (where one of the Mustard Seed locations is) are closed on major holidays. Check out . This is the website for Mustard Seed, Boulevard and the rest of Sal's restaurants.

      I'd consider calling the Sanctuary out on Kiawah Island. In the past Jasmine Porch and the Ocean Room have offered brunch.

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      1. re: OurGreatEscape

        You are right. All Sal's places are closed Sundays and holidays.

        We (my Jewish friends and I) tried to find a place to have dinner on Christmas Day several years ago-nada, except for Chinese! It's very peaceful on Christmas Day.

        However, if I had a nice beach place on Folly, I might be tempted to make lovely Christmas Dinner with the ocean as my inspiration. Just a thought.
        There may be holiday menus at many places for the season.

        1. re: Sue in Mt P

          Yes, i see your options being the restaurants at the Sanctuary (or possibly Charleston Place) as your only hope since they have to feed their guests. Otherwise, I would go to Whole Foods on x-mas eve (madhouse) and buy some prepared items, cheese, olives, etc. Chips and salsas for the kiddies, etc. Picnic on the beach. sweet.

          And count your blessings. Like last year, I will be traveling to Wisconsin, where we will search in vain for restaurants (we had trouble finding Asian places open last year) , eventually arriving at my husband's family affair, where Subway sandwiches will be enjoyed by all.

          1. re: danna

            Oh good Lord. That sounds interesting- and cold! LOL.

            Go to Whole Foods before Christmas Eve. Trust me.

            1. re: Sue in Mt P

              Yup, I'd avoid any grocery store on Christmas Eve. I'm having flashbacks of that scene from "The Santa Clause" where Tim Allen takes his son out to...Denny's! and they're out of everything even chocolate milk:-)

              I had another thought for the OP--What about an "in-home" chef? Or order something catered to be brought in.

              1. re: Sue in Mt P

                Yeah...when I went for a run in zero degree weather the first morning (not early, either) most people would think it was because I was an exercise fanatic. But the truth is, it was a good way to cover the downtown area and check out where any open restaurants were and see their menus. ;-)

                If the OP has any Chowhound runners in the party, they could send them downtown to scout. ;-)

              2. re: danna

                OT, but we have brunch at Charleston Place every New Year's Day. It is lovely. We toast each other and swear to spend more time together, then we shop at Sak's. It's fun.

                You are right-they may be open on Christmas Day. I would recommend it.

            2. re: OurGreatEscape

              Given that the word brunch derives from the words "breakfast" and "lunch", there would appear to be considerable overlap with a southern "dinner", timewise. In any event, I'm hard pressed to imagine that "many" upscale restaurants are open on Christmas day.

            3. Some restaurants and grocery stores will fry you a turkey. I know the Piggly Wiggly has done it in the past, as has Buddiroe's when it was on IOP. As soon as the info is published I'll post it.