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Sep 20, 2009 04:34 PM

Queens NYV hound coming for a week sugg...

i will be in town for a week or so in end sept beginning oct. i am an avid eater and poster. i eat anything, i am from queens nyc and we have a load of ethnic diversity here in our cuisine, just basically looking for some goodness . i know this is vague but what should i not miss?

thanks in advance

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  1. oops just realized this isnt an area specific board, i will be in san diego

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    1. re: chefjellynow

      San Diego is a spread out community and rapid transit isn't so, uh, rapid, nor is it the most efficient way to get around town.

      It will help alot if you let us know where you'll be staying and if you'll have a car at your disposal or not. Cabs, while plentiful, are not inexpensive.

      1. re: DiningDiva

        i will be staying downtown at the omni. i will not have a car, maybe i will get one if i decide to. i dont mind traveling by public trans. that is what i am used to here or i can cab it...i may just get a car...still unsure on that one.

        1. re: chefjellynow

          If you want to eat well, you'll def. want to rent a car. Public transit here is poor.

          There is lots of good ethnic food to be found here, but you need to travel to find it. Downtown isn't where it'll be.

          1. re: Josh

            i am looking into a car, so chances are i will have a car ty