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Sep 20, 2009 03:48 PM

Donuts at West Chester Food Festival

I had the absolute best donuts the food festival. Based on thelogo t-shirts worn by the staff, I figured it was "Goshen Donuts". I went home to google it but found nothing. Can anyone help?

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  1. Ha they are good. I think they are made by Goshen Fire Company

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    1. re: leepinleemur

      Thanks! No wonder google came up with nothing.

      1. re: mrslloyddobler

        Their website will tell you how to order their donuts and what events are upcoming for donut sales. Kimberton Fire Company also sells them throughout the year and at their July fair.

    2. I got Goshen Donuts at the Goshen Country Fair last night!

      It is all this week near route 3 and ellis.

      1. Damn....tell us more about the West Chester Food Fair!.........I totally missecd it!

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        1. re: FriedClamFanatic

          If it is the West Chester Restaurant Festival, it is held in September, howevaer I have seen a marked decrease in quality of the vendors and choices over the last few years, to the point that I doubt I will go. In fact, just about every food festival I've gone to lately has been "less than". It seems that all the restaurants offer up only one or two selections, oftentimes nothing you would seriously consider ordering if you were to go to their restaurant (burgers anyone???). So just be forewarned.

          1. re: Rondo

            I agree with Rondo. I think it gets more crowded and less interesting with respect to the food. I also think a large part of it is over saturation of festival type things in west chester, many of which repeat the same vendors.

        2. The donuts are at the Goshen Country Fair not food festival. The fair is run by the Goshen fire company. every August. It is more like a carnival with rides , games and carnival food--pizza, popcorn, etc. The donuts are made by the volunteers of the fire company.
          The Restuarnt festival in West Chester is held in September. Hope that clears up the confusion.

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          1. re: wcgal

            The fair is back. They also now have donut nuggets this year.