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Sep 20, 2009 03:20 PM

Wedding Rehearsal Suggestions - Westside/Culver City $30 pp


I am looking for a October wedding rehearsal dinner location for 35 ppl, $30 pp (not including tax + alcohol) near West LA, Culver City, Mar Vista, MDR. A private room would be nice, but not required. Any cuisine except Indian (no offense, I love Indian food). I have already marked the following establishments off my list for various reasons (Gyenari, Hop Li, Fu's Palace, Typhoon, Westside Tavern, Buca Di Beppo, Shanghai Red's). I've read the various posts regarding this topic and am looking for some more suggestions. Thank you in advance!

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  1. Kate N Daves (two locations - one in Culver, the other on Pico near Manning)- pretty good Mexican food.

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      I think it might fit at 26 Beach Restaurant in their dinning room area. Give them a call and check out the menu on line there are many Items on the menu under $30 wich would put you around $35 before tax and alcohol. Have a great wedding!

    2. c&o cucina,
      italien food
      good pricing
      here is the link to their catering menu (with pricing)

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        I secon the suggestion of C&O. It's a wonderful restaurant for a rehearsal dinner.

      2. Darya - Persian on Santa Monica Blvd in West LA has a private room on the 2nd floor

        Brunello Trattoria - Italian in Culver City. Dining Room is separated by a long bar. You might be able to take one side.

        Hal's Bar & Grill - New American on Abbott Kinney in Venice. Private room on second floor.

        Napa Valley Grill - New American in Westwood has several private rooms. Menu is slightly above your budget. Nowadays, I would not hesitate to give my budget to a restaurant that is close and see if they can accomodate me.

        Upstairs 2 - New American Tapas style in West LA above the Wine House. Main dining room seats 60, but is intimate enough that it might be OK for your group of 30. They are closed Sun-Tue, but can accommodate private parties on those days.

        1. Thank you everyone for your wonderful suggestions! I'll post where we end up having our event. I really appreciate your responses. Chowhounders rock!

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            Lula on Main Street in SM was where I had mine many years ago, and Gerri Gilliland who runs that place as well as the Finn McCool's down the street does wedding catering, event catering as a big part of her biz so she "gets it" as well as being a really nice, down to earth person. Congrats on your upcoming nups!

          2. Thank you again everyone for your suggestions! We have decided on Rush Street in Culver City. The per person set menu price is $43. This includes apps, starter, entree selection from five choices, dessert selection and two family style sides per person. They were the most reasonably priced and the most responsive. They have a full party tray passed Hors' Douvers selection as well. We went with the back nook area - not exactly a private room but it will do. Now for those of you are are using this post as a reference.

            Westside Tavern has a GORGEOUS private room and party area. I highly recommend this if you have the budget. Their basic set menu was $38. Unfortunately it was booked for the night we needed it.

            Typhoon - the event manager essentially said our party would take away their regular business and encouraged us to have an 8:30 or 5:30pm dinner. HELLO - no thank you!

            Upstairs 2 - the per person price was too high for our budget, but they were very responsive.

            Gyenari - the WORST - we had to contact two manager/partners to get a quote. After one e-mail they ignored us. It's too bad because they have a nice private room.

            Beach 26 - left messages, no one ever got back to us

            Truxton's - left phone message and e-mail message, no one ever got back to us.

            Hop Li - on Pico - great banquet menu at a reasonable price but no private room and parking is a bit cumbersome.

            I was really surprised at the lack of response some of these venues had. I thought we're in a recession and restaurant businesses are hurting. Apparently not - or these places have terrible staff working there. Oh well - their loss. I'm hopeful that our event will be fine at Rush Street. Thanks again chowhounders!