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Sep 20, 2009 02:56 PM

Chinese Egg Noodles in Soup: What should I have done differently?

I just made some fabulous stock that I was looking forward to having in some light noodle soup this week. I added some veggies, turkey and thought I would put in the package of "fresh" packaged Chinese egg noodles that I had purchased. I haven't used them in soup before, but figured they would be tasty. After initial cooking of the noodles, I turned off the stove to let all cool before placing in refrigerator. Unfortunately, an hour later, the egg noodles continued and continued and continued to absorb the stock, so that by the time it had cooled enough to put into the refrigerator, there was no longer broth...only long and very plump noodles. That has never happened before when I used dried noodles. Is it the fact that the noodles were fresh? What other Asian style noodle should I have used that wouldn't continue to absorb the stock?

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  1. Noodles of any type will continue to absorb liquid. When warming up the soup, some of the broth will separate again, but this is why I never store noodles in a sauce/broth. I have had my greatest success when I cook the noodles separately, and then add them back in just before serving.

    I have never used ramen-style noodles, so perhaps they behave differently.

    1. Unfortunately, you have to keep them separate 'til before serving, or else this happens. We almost always have a container of stock and a container of noodles (w/a little sesame oil on them so they don't stick together too much) in the fridge - then heat broth, throw in noodles (and veg/meat/tofu) if you want and serve. I haven't found any fresh noodles that don't continue to absorb broth, and I've never used dried. Otherwise, your soup sounds delicious!


      1. OK, here is a little trick I use to make noodles with a really rich stock. I do not cook the in my the stock I will serve the finish dish. Fresh noodles will absorb more stock.

        I cooked the noodles in stock made with a bullion (either chicken, seafood or beef base depending my finishing stock) this allow for the noodles to get some flavor in basic stock. Then when the noodles are done and have absorb all the "flavored" water.

        Then place the noodles, cooked meat and vegetable in the bowl and then add really hot best stock to fill the bowl. Believe me, you only taste the best stock since the best tasting stock will stand out.

        1. Cook separately.

          When ready to serve, combine and bring to a quick boil, and plate.

          1. try soaking egg noodles in cold water for at least half an hour if they're going into a hot broth.