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Sep 20, 2009 02:55 PM

Cheateau Bourbon or Iberville Suites?

I know this is a food forum but I am looking for any recs for these two hotels. Anyone stayed at either? They both look beautiful online and are located literally feet from one another right in the heart of the French Quarter, which is where I want to be. Closest to all of my food destinations!

Which is better??

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  1. The iberville suites are nice, and a great deal.

    1. The Iberville Suites are attached to the Ritz Carlton so you get a lot of the Ritz amenities at half the cost. It's a great place to stay.

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        Yeah I like that little perk and they have a complimentary breakfast. But the Bourbon is a bit cheaper and looks nice as well.

      2. Stayed at the Iberville a couple of years ago. The standout thing to me was that it was quiet. The rooms have a sitting room between the bedroom and the hall, so you will be able to sleep soundly no matter what is going on outside. Nice breakfast bar and fair prices as mentioned.

        1. The Iberville Suites is an outstanding hotel as noted because of it's connection to The Ritz Carlton which has a wonderful spa, great bar, beautiful features, etc. And as you say it's around the corner from Galatoire's and great restaurants. I stayed there probably 5/6 times. You enter at the back of the hotel on Iberville not at the front on Canal where you enter The Ritz and I think getting in and out is easier than the Ritz. You have to get used to getting from IS to The Ritz as it's complicated until you catch on. I don't know much about the Chateau except friends stayed there and liked it. Good luck.

          Galatoire's Restaurant
          209 Bourbon St., New Orleans, LA 70130

          1. We stayed at the Chateau Bourbon when it was the Chateau Sonesta. Much nicer than the Royal Sonesta. Bigger rooms. Rebuilding gave us an opportunity to stay at a few spots. Omni Royal Orleans is my fav. for it's Nola feel/service/location. Loews would be #1 if the location were better. Ritz had not reopened. W FQ has small rooms and could use some sprucing up, same for Monteleone. It's been awhile, so things may have changed.

            When are you visiting? Since our summers are brutal (sweat will pour off you within 5 min) rates really drop.

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              I actually went in October and forgot to report back. I stayed at the Iberville and has a fantastic time. New Orleans was incredible in every way! Food was some of the best I have ever had and I have been to some of the best restaurants in New York also. I would rate it definitely as one of the best food cities in all the world as far as I am concerned. Also lots of fun things and sight seeing to keep you busy. Only thing that was negative for us was the Saints routing my Gmen.