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Sep 20, 2009 02:31 PM

strong flavor olive oil ?

I recently found a strong flavored olive oil - Iliada kalamata olive oil which is flavorful and close to eating sicilian olives, i also got a Partana sicilian extravirgin olive oil which is like half flavor than the Iliada
was looking at Traderjoes' but nothing looked inspiring, cheap but still.

any suggestions for something strong/stronger, in a store around NYC ?

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  1. Try FAIR WAYS. They have a good selction nad you can sample all of them. I really like their unfiltered EVO form Italy . France makes a great evo also . Go to Red Hook

    1. The Trader Joe's extra virgin olive oil seemed okay for awhile-but the last 2 bottles, smelled like motor oil, harsh and well, awful aroma. I think the Kirkland EVOO in the glass bottle from costco about $12 is actually won best olive oil in consumer reports a few years ago. Titan in Astoria also has quite a bit of greek olive oils, yet, I never found any that inspiring. I also never buy olive oil in a plastic bottle, I think it makes a real difference having tried many over the years. I also think that Iavorone Bros in New Hyde Park has a few good olive oils also...but, turnover is important you don't want something sitting there forever..and don't buy it when it's got cloudy stirrings in it. poor storage conditions..

      1. see if you can source some Narbali Olive Oil, from Palestine. Pure heaven.

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          Where exactly in Palestine is this made? The West Bank?

        2. with Fairway, Sahadi (for greek and middle eastern as well as a range of others) and all the Italian stores in Brooklyn (the Coluccio Sicilian house brand oils are good0, Trader Joes is not the best option. The fancy food stores like Brooklyn Larder and Blue Apron also carry selected oils

          The Costco tuscan EVOO (when they have it) is good and peppery.
          Saifan and some of the other Lebanese oils that Sahadi carries are very good and reasonable, as are some of their greek oils in tins.
          I would highly recommend checking out the Fairway tasting bar, which always offers a range of oils so the OP can figure out what type of strongly flavored oil is preferred. the oils range from green and peppery/bitter like some of the spanish oils to very smooth, like the Barbera Sicilian to Kalamata and others.

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            The Costco Tuscan (its their Kirkland Signature Series) is very good and reasonably priced, but my favorite, strong and peppery oil is Frankie's 457. This is a Sicilian, organic oil and wow, it just is bursting with olive flavor. Its about $25 for a liter so not cheap, but we keep it on hand for bread dipping, salads, uncooked pasta sauces, etc; and use the Costco/Kirkland one for cooking. You can get it through Frankie's or at Whole Foods, or at Union Markets in Brooklyn, and I think at other specialty stores (there's a list on the Frankie's Sputino website.)

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              I'll second Jen's terrific suggestions--and add some. Coluccio does sell a wonderful Sicilian EVOO from Frantoio Cutreri, a Ragusa DOP (regionally protected) oil using the Tonda d'Ibleo olive. It's not heavy but amazingly fragrant and full. Whole Foods carries it, too. The Coluccio house brand is fine, and is made by Manfredi Barbera in Sicily--his oils are often private labelled for others, too. Fairway has an excellent Barbera DOP from Trapani, Sicily, Baglio delle Saline that's vibrant and delicioius, while its own house oil from Trevi in Umbria is assertive and full without being overpowering. In all cases, taste where you can, and check the harvest and use-by dates--2008/9 harvest oils are on the market now, and should be preferred.

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                Just a quick note, I'm pretty sure that the square bottle of Spanish EVOO at Trader Joe's is Nunez de Prado. Very good stuff, but might not be as strong as you like. Their unfiltered stuff that I pick up a El Corte Ingles in Spain is really good, though. Dunno if it can be found readily here.

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                  my fave olive oil (other than that we get as gifts from friends straight from crete) is Horio. it's a greek olive oil available at Titan foods in astoria, but i've seen it at various greek shops in bay ridge too.

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                    Last time I was at Titan about a week ago, the old man behind the feta counter was so unbearably nasty--I got my stuff and left...there a few nice people working there but they've got some real attitude there sometimes which doesn't make you want to stay and buy anything other than what you came in for. I should probably mention it to the owner, because I've shopped there for so many years.

                    I used to buy the Horio, it's pretty good--but you've got to check their stuff good because sometimes stuff just sits there forever and it's not fresh at all.

                    I used to really like the Cosorzio? rosemary olive oil for adding to dishes, but they've discontinued it, and appears like they are being distributed by Annies naturals...

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                    yeah i think i looked at most of the TJ bottles, they were all very clear, filtered, no sediment