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Sep 20, 2009 02:30 PM

Phantom Gourmet's Food Festival - is it worth the $40?

I am planning on attending Phantom Gourmet's Food Festival and tickets are $40 - is it worth the money and the day? I do not want to wait in lines all day - let me know what your experiences were like at past festivals. Thanks and I appreciate the advice!

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    1. Well, what are you looking for? If it's chowish food and amidst fellow chow folk, save your money. If you want to knock back some drinks, check out the guys/gals, eat okay grub . . . maybe it's worth thinking about if you don't have a lot going on that night.

      1. Definitely not worth it. Unless you have absolutely nothing better to do, and I mean absolutely nothing to do.

        1. Spend $40. at a restaurant where the propriator will appreciate you by giving you some great chow. The PG boys are in it for themselves and the offerings are very lame.

          1. Nope, the food being served is never worth even $25, it's more of a social event than something that is food-based.