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Sep 20, 2009 01:56 PM

Dinner Near Tower Theatre

Going to a concert at the Tower and staying at the Sofitel. Any good restaurants near or on the way. Not steak places up for most anything love interesting.

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  1. I really like Little Saigon. That is the place we almost always go to preshow at the Tower. It is very close to the Tower. They make excellent Vietnamese Spring Rolls, soups, summer rolls, noodles, lemon grass dishes and broken rice. I love their pan fried noodles.
    Around the corner from them is a little Mexican restaurant called Don Memo with authentic Mexican food that we liked a lot. They prepare the guacamole tableside.

    1. I second Little Saigon. It is really good and inexpensive.

      1. Are you from the area? The Sofitel is downtown in a great neighborhood and you will be surrounded by excellent dining options you can hit before leaving for the show.

        If you want to go out to a nice dinner, look into Tinto (Basque Tapas), Estia (Greek), Alma De Cuba (Cuban, duh) and Matyson (contemporary American). There are scores of good restaurants within a few blocks of the hotel, if you write back with more specific preferences about price, atmosphere, etc. we can recommend more options.

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          Yes we decided to eat near the hotel. Matyson was the best we came up with so far. We are foodies love anything and price does not matter. Like good food with great atmoshpere Thanks for your help

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            If you want to go somewhere en-route- Distrito is excellent and about 1/3 of the way to the tower from Sofitel.