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Sep 20, 2009 01:45 PM

CANDELA - Latin & Mediterranean Restaurant, Fort Lauderdale

2909 NE 6th Avenue
Wilton Manors (Fort Lauderdale)

Armando, a Cuban, is the chef, his wife assists. There is a menu, but he also offers a couple of specials each evening - meat and fish.

Unfamiliar with Fort Lauderdale restauants, I was taken to CANDELA on Monday evening. We started off with deep fried yucca, served with two sauces - it was outstanding.

Next, was a special of baby back pork ribs two ways, in a tomato sauce and cracklings served alongside. White rice, with the best tasting black beans I've ever had, served separately

He doesn't sell wine, but there's a small liquor store next to the restaurant - limited choices, best to go elsewhere.

When I was asked did I want Thai on Tuesday, no was my answer, back to CANDELA, Yucca again, and short ribs that fell off the bone - DELISH!

Trout was the fish on Monday, and Flounder on Tuesday. A friend had the trout, which I tasted and found to be moist and flavorful. Another friend had the chicken piccata, not in the least bit dry. Another, had the Ropa Vieja

Armando is a superb chef and deserves recognition. Try it, I'm certain you'll go back just as I did.

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  1. I posted about this place a few months back but got no responses. I haven't been back recently but your post reminded me I need to go again.
    This place is definately no frills, but the food is great and an amazing value

    check out my lunch blog

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      Passed on your blog to the Fort Lauderdale friends I stayed with. They weren't familiar with many of the places you've eaten at. But they agree the spice could be increased at Christina Wans.

    2. We tried it last night based on your recommendation. I almost hate to post this because it'll bring more people in and the place is so small to start with....Armando was in the open kitchen talking to patrons as he cooked up his delicious treats -- a starter of chorizo and potato in a wonderufl light sauce with a yummy wedge of bread for sopping it all up...fried yucca with several side-sauces, terrific! We had slow roasted pork with onions and cilantro that was a huge portion and delicious, and a palomilla steak which was not the traditional style as expected but was tender and delicious. And enormous. Very good prices, and we brought our own wine sine it's BYOB. Love the warm friendly atmosphere; we will be back soon, with friends! By the way, they're working on expanding to the empty place next door.