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Sep 20, 2009 01:41 PM

Varenichnaya, Brighton Beach

Just stumbled upon this place on Brighton 2 St. I had the Siberian Meat peleni. They were done up just right, not overboiled, very tasty and light. My gal had the Borsch. The borsch was garnished w/plenty of fagrant dill and was nice red color. A little sour but tasty, this is from a non borsch eater. They have 2-3 tables outside and you can catch a breeze coming off the beach. To top it off, the help was friendly and helpful.

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  1. Have eaten there this summer for the first time, It's a little place of home cooking gems. Sweet couple owns it. I like dill, so their garnishing almost everything with it makes it a plus for me. Soups are great, dumplings tender as can be, everything tasty and served with a smile. Only one tiny quibble: the blintzes where a bit doughy and the filling of marinated sour cherries tasted too alcoholic and dry.

    1. I've been once and also had a good meal. Chicken pelmeni were tasty (and pleasantly buttery). The lagman held its own against the borscht. I'd also recommend the vareniki (we had the ones with mushroom filling). Flavorful, juicy manti as well. Even the kebabs were grilled very nicely, especially the lamb ribs.

      I agree with flo that it has a homey feel. It's comparable to nearby Glechik, but both in terms of decor and cooking, a little less refined (not a criticism).

      1. how's the borscht? smooth or chunky?