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Sep 20, 2009 01:31 PM

Anyone been to One Love Vegetarian on Bathurst

I'm very curious about this place.

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    1. I have. The soup is good but not incredibly so. The roti covering was fresh, which was a nice touch. The curried chickpea filling could have used a little more variety. Order-taking and service is kind of amateur. It's the kind of place I want to support, but I hope they get a bit more professional as time goes on. Worth a visit, tell us what you think.

      1. I thought the pumpkin roti with whole wheat wrap made for a pretty comforting, if plain, snack. I would definitely get it again when I am in the mood for something not too adventurous but tasty and filling. I was less impressed with the channa, it tasted minty to me (it may have been that they used another mint-like herb that wasn't from a good batch). I was not impressed with the cupcake, too dense and oily. I found the service distracted but laid-back and kind, which is fine by me.

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          So I'm getting the sense you don't go to this place for a sit-down dinner--mainly take-out?

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            There are about three or four small tables. You might get lucky. We managed to seat four at two tables, though none were available when we ordered.

        2. I like this place, good corn soup which is a favorite of mine.

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            I, too, like this place. Comfort food, Island-style. Not a huge menu, perhaps 4 or 5 dishes, and roti, and it's all vegan. People running the place are really nice.

          2. Had the corn soup on Sunday at Word on the Street. It was so yummy! I am not a huge corn person but that soup is so good. The first time I tried it, it had a nice heat to it. This time the heat was there but was very subtle.

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              The corn soup is good, but hardly great by any means. It seems very loose each time I've had it. Sometimes it is perfectly seasoned and balanced and a lot of the times it is bland and underwhelming. For a place that is attempting to anchor it's business on this one product I think it might be a good idea to at least employ some strict methods when making it each time.