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Anyone been to One Love Vegetarian on Bathurst

I'm very curious about this place.

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    1. I have. The soup is good but not incredibly so. The roti covering was fresh, which was a nice touch. The curried chickpea filling could have used a little more variety. Order-taking and service is kind of amateur. It's the kind of place I want to support, but I hope they get a bit more professional as time goes on. Worth a visit, tell us what you think.

      1. I thought the pumpkin roti with whole wheat wrap made for a pretty comforting, if plain, snack. I would definitely get it again when I am in the mood for something not too adventurous but tasty and filling. I was less impressed with the channa, it tasted minty to me (it may have been that they used another mint-like herb that wasn't from a good batch). I was not impressed with the cupcake, too dense and oily. I found the service distracted but laid-back and kind, which is fine by me.

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          So I'm getting the sense you don't go to this place for a sit-down dinner--mainly take-out?

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            There are about three or four small tables. You might get lucky. We managed to seat four at two tables, though none were available when we ordered.

        2. I like this place, good corn soup which is a favorite of mine.

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            I, too, like this place. Comfort food, Island-style. Not a huge menu, perhaps 4 or 5 dishes, and roti, and it's all vegan. People running the place are really nice.

          2. Had the corn soup on Sunday at Word on the Street. It was so yummy! I am not a huge corn person but that soup is so good. The first time I tried it, it had a nice heat to it. This time the heat was there but was very subtle.

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              The corn soup is good, but hardly great by any means. It seems very loose each time I've had it. Sometimes it is perfectly seasoned and balanced and a lot of the times it is bland and underwhelming. For a place that is attempting to anchor it's business on this one product I think it might be a good idea to at least employ some strict methods when making it each time.

            2. I went today around lunchtime. Is it just me, or is there no menu anywhere? Combined with all of the tables being full (including someone working on a laptop), and a couple of people in line ahead of me, I left.

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                I went last week around noon, and although service was slow I thought it was worth the wait for the soup. I am eager to go back again. PS. there was a menu listed on the wall.

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                  I noticed a white message board, but it was down on the counter and had nothing written on it. Maybe they were planning on updating it, but hadn't gotten around to it before the lunch rush started. I'll walk over again in the next day or so.