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One Meal in Asheville

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Will be in Asheville briefly in October. Help me choose the one place where I must eat. Thanks.

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  1. Do a search. Lots of info on Asheville. My short list - Admiral, Fig, Zambra.

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      I would echo miss piggy. Probably in that order as well.

    2. Depends on which meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and what kind of food you like.

      1. Meal will be dinner and there isn't much that I don't like. Thanks

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        1. Went to Fig in July. It was wonderful.

          1. I would throw Rezaz in there as well. Always a great meal...

            1. Now that Nova is gone, The Admiral. Hands down.

              1. Admiral, unless an upscale decor is important to you, or if you need to eat right downtown, then Zambra.

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                  True, unless your idea of "upscale decor" is hipster retro-kitsch. If so, The Admiral is right up your alley!

                2. Decor is nice but food is the emphasis here so it looks like the Admiral for me. Thanks.

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                    You won't be sorry. Hound's honor.

                  2. Is Corner Kitchen still good? I had a meal there around 2 years ago and remember it going pretty well.

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                      In my experience Corner Kitchen is never more or less than good. (Better for lunch than dinner, esp. if the weather's nice enough to sit on the patio.)

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                        The wife and I had dinner at the corner kitchen on a Sunday (?) a couple of months ago. Both meals were mediocre. Brunch is much better if you can avoid the tourist hordes.

                    2. Tupelo Honey Cafe. I go there often and every meal is a winner. I even love their brussel sprouts lol. You can check their menu on their website http://www.tupelohoneycafe.com/

                      1. I have reservations for Saturday night at Admiral. Will report back

                        1. So Admiral on Saturday night. Took my friend who is not a foodie or chowhound reader and she was put off by the outside appearance but I reassured her that all would be well. We were seated immediately as we had reservations for 7 but it took awhile to get a menu and a server. My friend soon realized this was no ordinary place. I had pork chop and she had scallops. Also had a Hendricks gin and tonic. Place was full and people without reservations were turned away. I would like to go with a larger group so we could order several small plates and have a tasting of more of their dishes.

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                            Hmmm...that doesn't sound like a glowing review! Hope you at least enjoyed it. I am surprised they did not steer you to try more plates. My husband and I usually get 4 total so we can try as much as possible. Ay $8-10 a plate it's still very reasonable!

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                              Sounds pretty positive to me, Miss Piggy. (Why the desire to return and try even more dishes if he/she didn't like it?)

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                                LGD was a bit more detailed in his review on the other Admiral thread.