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Sep 20, 2009 11:49 AM

River Rock Grill in Maynard

Drove by the old Sittin' Bull Pub location this afternoon. I saw a new sign that said River Rock Grill. It looked like it was a work in progress. Does anyone know anything about it?

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    1. re: Chowzmeister

      Stopped in their yesterday. They were in the process of putting some final touches and stocking. I would imagine they are pretty close to opening. Looks good in and out!

    2. Went there tonight. Good atmosphere and enjoyed the Seafood Tangine (sp?). Overall good addition to the town food scene.

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      1. re: mullen7s

        I was in there Saturday night and it was not great. To be fair, they'd only opened Tuesday and were still working out bugs. The biggest issue was that the main course took probably 40 minutes after the we'd finished our salads. We were eating at the bar and the bartendress apologized several times, but no one comped us a drink. The menu wasn't particularly inspiring and the execution was just fair. The fish stew, which sounded fantastic with 6 different types of seafood, in fact had three small chunks of scallop in a bowl of liquid.

        I'm guessing RR will graduate from a C- to a B when the staff get their act together, but I don't see an A in its future.

      2. We visited in Monday night. Lovely floors, good lighting, bar area looked interesting. Started with the soup special, a lamb and bleu cheese stew. This was one of the best soups I have ever had. Anywhere. It was creamy with a nice tang of bleu cheese and small chunks of tender "melt in your mouth" lamb. It had a faint herbal aroma that tantalized, but not in an overpowering way. After this delicious starter, we moved to mains. Not so good. My lemon chicken tagine was served with dry couscous, chunks of dry chicken and a couple olives mixed in with the lemon peel. Spouse's steak frites was served with thick fries instead of thin frites. Bright spot was the service. Our server was very attentive and helpful with menu questions. I will most certainly return, if just for the addictive lamb stew when it is on the menu, but I hope that the entrees improve. This is a nice space, upscale for Maynard, and I really want to love it.

        1. We were eager to try RRG but honestly do not think we will return. The service wasn't bad and the renovations were very nice however the meals were horrible. We were seated promptly however the waitress never mentioned any of the specials and had to go to the bar to find out what type of beer was served.

          We tried the Mediterranean Calamari which tasted just like any other calamari we have tried, there really wasn't anything Mediterranean about it. For our main dishes we had steak which was ordered Medium and came well done, my husband didn't want to bother with trying to return it since it was very busy. I tried the Chicken Tagine that another poster tried and thought it was horrible, both the chicken and the couscous were very dry and the large pieces of lemon rind were too much. I barely touched the dish but was never asked why by the waitress. We decided to share a piece of Chocolate Cheesecake but the crust was so hard you couldn't even cut it and when I took a bite it tasted like it was made with unsweetened chocolate, both the crust and the filling.
          A dinner for two cost us $74 before tip and while I wish them well I do not think they will do that well in Maynard, the menu is very boring in my opinion.

          1. We happened upon this on Sat. after seeing that Cask Iron Kitchen was closed for lunch. it's a really nice space, not sure what it looked like before. The meal was okay. The shrimp BLT sounded good but might have been better as a plain BLT. Shrimp weren't super flavorful but the aioli was good as was the flatbread it was served on with good hot fries. The South American steak sandwich w/ hard cookd egg was not as good but okay. Parts of the steak were a little tough and the roll was too bready. The sweet potato fries had great flavor and crispness but weren't as hot as the regular fries but my friend didn't think it was worth sending them back. With an IPA and before tip it was $24. The service was very friendly, one woman was a little overly so. Hoping to drum up business I think. I like the warm bar area (the dining room was a little chilly) and I think it would be good as a burger and beer type spot but they may be able to get some of the fancier things right.