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Sep 20, 2009 11:44 AM

Verjus in basic salad dressing?

I just bought a bottle of verjus and need a bit of help. What proportion of evoo to verjus do you use to make salad dressing? Any other ingredients to add? garlic? mustard?

Any other ideas for using verjus?

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    1. I've always used verjus to deglaze pans, especially with lamb or veal.I use Wolffer lately, and the bottle do come with recipes on them, I think this website may have borrowed a few. It is also good for making upscale aperitifs.

      1. Hi,
        since I know it, I use verjuice in nearly everything… a little more than I would use of lemon or vinegar, because it is less strong. I got mine from a German winery, their verjuice is very fruity and the acidity is mild: