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Sep 20, 2009 11:20 AM

ISO: Vietnamese Bakery

I used to live in an area that was rich with Vietnamese restaurants and groceries, and my favorite thing to do was hit up one particular grocer that also had a bakery counter. On Sundays it was a totally chaotic scene, but the little sausage (hot dog?) buns, coconut cream buns, sponge cupcakes and sponge roll cakes were so worth the elbow jabs!
Where can I go to find these things in Boston? I'm waiting for Hmart, but in the meantime I was hoping Chinatown might offer something similar or even somewhere outside of Boston; I'm willing to drive!


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  1. Well the good news is that H-Mart's grand opening is only 5 days away.

    I would have thought you could find exactly what you describe in Chinatown, where there are a fair number of bakeries within a few block of each other. Have you tried any of the usual suspects there? If so, what was lacking?

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      I haven't really spent a lot of time in Chinatown, but I'm aiming to do so this week!

    2. Pha Le and King Do Baguette in Dot are two worthy Vietnamese bakeries: good banh mi, too.


      1. Mei Sum, a favorite spot for banh mi, is a Vietnamese bakery with some of the things you mention....not sure how good or how different from the Cantonese bakeries that abound in Chinatown, but worth checking out.

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          I was under the impression that Mei Sum was a Chinese (Cantonese, maybe?) bakery that just happens to serve banh mi.


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            Ha, you may be right. The staff speak Chinese for sure...just assumed they were Vietnamese Chinese. I did always wonder why the bakery items seemed the same as the Cantonese ones around town, but aside from banh mi not sure what Vietnamese bakeries make. The items voodoocheese mentions seem to be prevalent in the Chinese places too.

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              Yes, you are correct. Mei Sum is really a (old school) Hong Kong-style bakery.

          2. The ones you mentioned: coconut cream buns, sponge cupcakes, sponge roll cakes etc are Chinese/Cantonese more than Vietnamese, IMO. You can easily find those at Lido Cake House.

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              And you can find better-quality versions of same -- and the sausage buns -- at Yi Soon Bakery on Brighton Ave in Allston.

            2. Just thought I'd check in here--
              Spent a lot of time in Chinatown yesterday, and bought lots of fun things. I bought hot dog buns at nearly every bakery, but really enjoyed the ones at Boa Boa most. Unfortunately I couldn't try the ones at Eldo because they had sold out by the time I made it there. The mexico bun I got a Ho Yuen was just outstanding, and the cake roll at Eldo was quite tasty. I bought a little red bean paste mooncake at 101 that I'm pretty excited to try too! Oh, and it turns out that I don't like curry beef buns/pastry from any one of the bakeries... but it sounded so good!
              Off topic, I tried Rainbow Cafe for lunch and had the lemongrass chicken (yelp's suggestion), and it was really good. DC had the avocado shake, and declared it perfect!

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                  Try the coconut bun at Ho Yuen. Totally amazing!